The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 161

A charming MTV feature from the 80s on the then rockabilly revival with interviews from The Stray Cats, The Blasters and The Rockats and a not-at-all-basic guise to rockabilly. For added 80s-ness it’s been uploaded from VHS, complete with tracking lines and squiggles. And MTV was a music channel back then- imagine that!
It has been a very long week, more like a fortnight really, and quite intense. Get a round in someone- I’ll get the next one.

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 49

Back to the 80s this week with rockabilly revivalists The Stray Cats. Brian Setzer continues to rock towns to this day. Have a good Friday night folks.

Rock This Town

Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 25

By the time you read this my family and I shall be on holiday, cottaging in the Cotswolds (not that sort of cottaging, honestly, you lot and your filthy minds), and there’ll be no posts until next Friday at the earliest. Feel free to leave comments in my absence though, I may try to check in on my phone. A bit sad that isn’t it.

The Stray Cats were going to have to feature somewhere in this series, being the popular face of the 80s rockabilly revival. Lead Stray Cat Brian Setzer is pretty highly regarded in the US still today, where he has an orchestra. I think Joe Strummer wrote a song for him at some point in the late 90s, though I don’t have it. Anyway, strut on…

Stray Cat Strut.mp3