Blind Faith

I’m going to keep the Balearic vibes going in a vain attempt to make it seem like summer despite the fact that I’m at work and the weather has turned dull and a tad wet. This 1992 Sensuround single was partly the work of a post-Membranes, pre-Goldblade John Robb, with vocals from Tracy Carmen and remixed here by Dean Thatcher, who was responsible for several key remixes from the early 90s. Stick it alongside some early Saint Etienne, some A Man Called Adam and some Screamadelica era Primal Scream and it makes perfect sense.

Blind Faith (Aloof Mix)



Speedwell was the b-side to St Etienne’s Nothing Can Stop Us 12″. A second 12″ single was released with this remix by Dean Thatcher and Jagz Kooner of The Aloof, one of those deep, dub-house remixes from 1991 that are rather popular round here. For that moment just after the sun has gone down (probably best in a summer context that, given that it goes dark at around 4pm currently).

Speedwell (The Flying Mix)

Never Get Out Of The Boat

It feels like spring is finally here- the evenings are lighter, the clocks go forward tonight, the trees have the first signs of blossom, I’ve got two weeks off work for Easter, the temperature has hit double figures occasionally (I’ll ignore the fact that I drove to work through snow on Thursday morning). Springtime brings promise and sunshine and… Balearic records.

The Aloof’s first 12″ single was this Apocalypse Now! sampling classic Never Get Out Of The Boat. Good advice under the circumstances. You don’t need me to describe it for you- just listen to it.

You have probably noticed I’ve run out of bandwidth for downloads. I could set up a second Boxnet account with a different email address I suppose but haven’t got around to it so far. There’s more to life than downloads.

One Night Stand

Can’t believe I’ve not posted anything by The Aloof before. This remix is a stunner- Ashley Beedle’s thirteen minute take on their One Night Stand from 1996. The instrumentation (dramatic and sweeping strings, tabla, the kitchen sink) is good enough on it’s own but taken with singer Ricky Barrow’s extraordinary voice (and self loathing of the one night stand) it’s almost too much for one record to contain. The Aloof contained two Sabres Of Paradise and one Red Snapper (which sounds a bit like an alternative, clubby version of the twelve days of Christmas).

One Night Stand (The Long Night and The Samba)