This One’s For The Humans

I like this, yet another new thing for autumn. Steve Mason and Martin Duffy (Primal Scream’s keyboard man) have joined together as Alien Stadium and have a four track e.p. out in December called Livin’ In Elizabethan Times (including a song remixed by Brendan Lynch, who always hands in interesting work). Steve Mason has one of the most recognisable voices in modern music, married here to a memorable riff and a general sense of expansion and wonder.


Not that Duffy, this Duffy- Martin Duffy, keyboard player for Primal Scream since the late 80s and before that in Felt (and briefly a Charlatan following the death of Rob Collins). Duffy has a solo album coming out, not coincidentally on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis record label, and some of the tracks have begun to appear on line. This one is a spooky piece with some minor key tinkering and sawing noises and bodes well for the lp, Assorted Promenades (out on Monday).

Duffy has done solo recordings before. This song, a beautiful piece of hushed, end-of-the-night gospel was sung and played by Martin, and closed Primal Scream’s electro-rock/terrorism album Evil Heat in 2002.

Space Blues #2