There is an absurd amount of music to explore at Psychemagik’s Soundcloud page and their Bandcamp page (where they’ve just archived eight years of tracks for a fiver).  Like Steve Cobby’s recent six disc re-issue of How About Some More Ether? it’s a question of getting stuck in and seeing which ones make the ears prick up the most and then getting to know the rest better over time. This song, Chimera, is very good, a laid back blend of drums and strings…

And I’m also quite taken with this remix the duo did for Roisin Murphy two years ago, a throbbing synth led dancefloor thing…

Triumph Of The Gods

Here is something epic and funky to welcome Tuesday. Epic and funky are two very overused words but in this song’s case both are accurate. Psychemagik came up with this spirit raising, smile inducing instrumental for a Phonica sampler back in 2014. Two internet friends put me onto it last week for which I am very grateful.

Triumph Of The Gods

Creation Magik

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve are shaping up for what is promising to be one of the summer’s best releases (album The Soft Bounce due soon). I’ve already posted the beauteous single and remix of Diagram Girl. The follow up, Creation, has vocals from Jane Weaver and Hannah Peel and has been remixed and stretched out here by Psychemagik in a lovely, percussive and spaced out manner.