Ad Hoc Toast Rack

A few weeks ago I was sent a four track e.p. from Manchester’s Ad Hoc Records, a local label (local to me even if not to you) putting out the ‘very best of Manchester’s current electronic scene’. I didn’t get around to listening to it until earlier this week, which was my loss but is now my gain, and your’s. First track is Heart Strings by Yadava, a beautiful piece of 2018 Balearica, with synthetic strings and busy rhythms, more suited to sitting by Mediterranean than the Medlock.

There are two tracks involving Two Tail, one with Sid Quirk- I must add here, I don’t know who any of these people are, the names are just names to me- before the final track which ticks all my boxes. Cut A Rug by RareBIT is more uptempo Balearic goodness, a heavily treated vocal, some trumpets and a skippity drum track. Lovely. You can buy the whole Ad Hoc Presents: Vol 2 here for just £4.00.

The picture shows The Hollings Building, known locally as The Toast Rack, a masterpiece of 1960s Mancunian architecture. A local photographer took this picture and put it online. I can’t find who it was, so can’t credit it- if by chance it’s you, please get in touch.