Bassheads ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’

Looking back at last month’s random selections from my record collection I noticed that on the first of June I featured Birkenhead’s Half Man Half Biscuit, so to celebrate the first of July here’s another Birkenhead bunch- Bassheads. This is a first of the month Bagging Area tradition that may not last too long. Other than The Coral and OMD I’m struggling a bit I think.

Bassheads were Nick Murphy and others, and released several club oriented singles for Deconstruction between 1991 and 1993, including Back To The Old School, Who Can Make Me Feel Good? and this one, the stupidly good Is There Anybody Out There? It’s a record that if you attempt to, ahem, deconstruct it, it falls apart. Echoes of Pink Floyd, an Afrika Bambaataa sample, part of Talking Heads’ Once In A Lifetime, that drum beat, one of those very 1991 rap bits in the middle, crunchy guitar part and huge synth breakdown. See? Doesn’t add up to much on paper or screen. But listen to it and I can smell dry ice and Vicks, and see strobes, coloured lights and hands in the air.

Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out The.mp3