River Theme

That’s the Mersey, wending its way from Stockport, through Sale (where the picture was taken) and out through Cheshire to Liverpool. Mersey Paradise as four mop-tops once said.

There’s an excellent 7″ release- sold out/repressed/sold out/repressed and currently available again here– by the Dubwood Allstars called Under Dubwood, a Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas in dub King Tubby excursion.

The B-side is River Theme, a grizzly, funky garage-psyche groove from The Time And Space Machine.

River Theme

Under Dub Wood

You gonna love this- Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood over a King Tubby dub track (all put together by The Dubwood Allstars). 7″ single available here. Best thing I’ve heard today.

Edit- you can’t buy the 7″. It’s out of stock. Unsurprisingly.