Give This Some Thought

According to The Guardian’s fashion desk band t-shirts are currently at various degrees of hipness. The ubiquitous Ramones t-shirt has peaked- wear at your peril. This is due to the large number of kids wearing them and it’s availability in Primark. The Stone Roses t-shirt is also in trouble, again due to their popularity with toddlers/their parents. Too cute y’see. On the other hand Raymond Pettibone’s illustration for Sonic Youth’s 1990 Goo album is always hot and currently having a bit of a moment. But top of the pops and hot to trot is the 80s classic, the Run DMC shirt. Which is funny because I nearly bought one for my daughter a couple of weeks when I chanced upon one in TK Maxx- but didn’t. If I’d bought it, for a child no less, an almost eleven year old, I could have killed the whole scene dead there and then. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll thank me (and The Guardian) for this advice- I wouldn’t want you getting it wrong out there and with band t-shirts, as Run DMC might say, it’s tricky.

It’s Like That (Drop The Break)