Histoire D’horreur

Even if Hallowe’en and trick or treating really gets on your tits you should suspend your cynicism for as long as it takes to listen to this mix Andy Votel has done for his Finders Keepers label, made up of forty snippets from obscure European horror soundtracks. This goes way beyond doing the monster mash and pretending to be a zombie. Free download for today only.

By Land Sea And Sky

In this short film Billy Chyldish and family launch thirty-one CTMF dazzle ships into the Thames estuary. Each dazzle ship carries one green vinyl 7″ CTMF single. A reward in cash or ‘other printed matter of apparent value’ will be paid for each one recovered. Goodness only knows what this week’s storm has done to the dispersal of these ships, all named after an area of the shipping forecast. The film, soundtracked by Sibelius, is very lovely indeed.

Love Is To Die

Warpaint, whose first album Exquisite Corpse I loved and second album I liked a bit less if I’m honest (though I did like the single Undertow very much), are about to return with a new one. There’s a new song, audio only, on Youtube and it’s very good indeed- slow and low, a langorous, dreamy, post-coital/post drug haze and the bass playing of Jenny Lee Lindberg is sublime.

And here they are doing Elephants on Jools back in 2011. Keep away from that piano Holland!

Metal Machine Music

While everyone pays tribute, quite rightly, to Lou Reed’s street poetry, use of a minimal number of chords, black clad rock ‘n’ roll cool and all round influence on much of what came after 1967’s The Velvet Underground And Nico lp, let’s remember this legendary 1975 album. Four sides of vinyl, over an hour long in total, of out of control noise, feedback and sonic mayhem. Not the type of controlled use of feedback and ambient noise that is actually a very good listen. A deeply uncomfortable listen.

Anthony H. Wilson said this was music for people who liked the sound of their fridge turning on and off- I could listen to my fridge turning on and off for a lot longer than I can listen to this. He also said this was Ian Curtis’ favourite record. Let me know if you get all the way through.

Calypso Time

Today I am staving off the effects of this foul weather with calypso from Lord Kitchener (not the man who organised recruitment into the British army during the First World War but his namesake who came to Britain from Jamaica in 1948 on the Empire Windrush).

Rock ‘n’ Roll Calypso

Where’s The Party Officer?

The early Big Audio Dynamite songs and lps are easy to praise and admire. Some of the later stuff seemed less so but I really like this 1990 song The Globe- Mick had been soaking up the club scene and this record reflects that in the beats, clipped guitars and the very early 90s rapping. The first set of musicians (Don Letts, Dan Donovan et al) had departed and Mick set out with a second group, named BAD II. The Globe’s got a lot of charm and this song and Rush were both hits in the USA. It also samples Mick’s Clash song Should I Stay Or Should I Go? which is probably very meta and must make sample clearance a lot easier.

The Globe (12″ Mix)

Lou Reed

You don’t need me to tell you why Lou Reed’s passing today aged 71 is so significant, or to add what will be a tidal wave of bloggery about his songs and music, or why The Velvet Underground are one of the most important bands ever or why Transformer is such a great record. It would be insufficient.

RIP Lou Reed.

What Goes On

Reason For Living

I heard this Roddy Frame song somewhere on the internet recently, from his 1998 album The North Star. I sort of meant to get it at the time and never got around to it and still don’t own it today- and looking at various online marketplaces it isn’t cheap. I’ll start keeping an eye out for it in the second hand shops I frequent.

The song is a good ‘un- lovely guitars and a cracking vocal. I sometimes think that Roddy clearly writes great songs and sings and plays them really well but sometimes it’s just a bit too tasteful, too Sunday supplement, that he needs a bit of roughness in the production or to play with musicians that can’t play that well as the session people he chooses. I like this one though- it chimes and rings and lifts and does what good guitar pop should do.

Reason For Living

Saturday Night Live

Twice in a day with the Weatherall connections. A live set from Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnstone at one of their A Love From Outer Space events back in June. For those with long attention spans, this is a four hour set. And you can download it for free. Saturday night- dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the… embedded sound file.

The clocks go back tonight. An extra hour but it’ll dark at teatime tomorrow. But then as Luke Haines had it recently in a review of Morrissey’s book ‘life isn’t all aspirin and polevaulting is it?’

They Were All On Hard Drugs

The Boiler Room hosted a night recently where Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe were set the challenge of trying to out-weird each other, something each man stepped up to manfully. As soon as it gets loaded onto Youtube or Soundcloud I’ll put it up here. In the meantime, here’s an utterly ace Julian Cope song that got played- a new one to me.

Thanks to Alan Ant and the Ripped In Glasgow massive for the tip offs. Again.

Everywhere, they were all on hard drugs.