Mickey Way

In between their early 80s post-punk/punk-funk peak and their late 80s acid house renaissance A Certain Ratio had a very jazz-funk mid 80s. This is Mickey Way, the 12″ mix (FAC 168), off the album Force (FAC 166c2). I’ve got the lp on cassette, one of those beautiful Factory cassette packages in a cloth covered box with lovely cardboard foldout inserts. I may never play the tape again but I will never throw away the box it is housed in. Mickey Way is leftfield jazz-funk, not smooth jazz-funk. I think.

Mickey Way (The Candy Bar)

I gave up the cigs one month ago today. Seems longer. They still smell really nice when I walk past someone smoking. But I do feel good for it. I am now addicted to nicotine impregnated chewing gum instead.