Sherwood Forest

That Adrian Sherwood-LSK dub of Space Oddity I posted at the weekend got me back onto a Sherwood and On U Sound tip and going through my folders I found this from the Test Pressing website back in 2010, an hour long mix of dubbed out Sherwood delights. The original page is here,¬†which also reveals the tracklist- African Head Charge, Dub Syndicate, Doctor Pablo (the Dr Who theme) and Creation Rebel. Sherwood’s output is so vast and varied that one nine-song mix can’t hope to do anything more than dip a toe into the waters. If you go here there’s a live dj stunning set done for The Boiler Room, with lashings of delay and reggae vibes, and a crowd who possibly didn’t know what they were in for.

Adrian Sherwood The Producers #1


Hot Pursuit

African Head Charge have been putting out records since the early 80s, mainly through Adrian Sherwood’s On U Sound. Their sound takes in dub, tribal music and psychedelia. In the 1990s they were in tune with certain sections of club culture. This one, from Drums Of Defiance (versus Professor Stretch), is a belter, with some hollering on top of the groovy musical stew.

Hot Pursuit

This morning I will be manning the book stall at the Park Road Nursery summer fair. This is not how I imagined my weekends would turn out when I was younger.