I found a cassette recently in a carrier bag in the boot of my car (my car is the only place I could actually play a cassette). It was labelled Weatherall/Techno Stuff and dated from the mid-90s, taped from vinyl. It was 90 minutes of early 90s records most of which I now have on mp3 as well as vinyl. I stuck the cassette into the car stereo and after a few seconds of tape hiss and then the magical sound of needle hitting vinyl groove the first track that came up was West In Motion by Bumble, remixed by Andrew Weatherall. Over twelve minutes long and I’d forgotten how good it was, despite the poor recording transfer to cassette. Thumping drums, some nice house piano early on, later replaced by a Celtic tin whistle, and some trancey keyboards. Released in 1992 on Mother Records. I’ll post some more of the tracks from the tape up over the next few days if anyone’s interested.

West In Motion (Andrew Weatherall Mix)