My Bloody Valentine cover Wire’s Map Ref 41N 93W for a Wire tribute album released in 1996. Wire’s original has an instantly recognisable guitar part, and a sing-song vocal. Kevin Shield’s noisy bunch manage to keep the essence of the Wire tune while drenching it in their own distinctive noise, adding the boy-girl MBV vocal.

My Bloody Valentine – Map Ref 41N 93W.mp3


The Fly In The Ointment

One of my several brothers has spent the last, ooh, twenty five years listening to nothing but hip-hop. Occasionally he’s bought records by say Bob Marley or Egyptian Lover or Funkadelic, but it’s been pretty much a one course diet. So I was a little surprised by the phonecall I got the other day.

Him: Adam, you’ll know this, what’s that song that goes ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is working overtime?
Me: It’s ‘senses’ working overtime not 6. It’s XTC.
Him: Who?
Me: The letter X, the letter T, the letter C
Him: Sounds like a rave band
Me: Yeah it does, post-punk/new wave band though.
Him: I just heard it somewhere. Love it. Ordered the 12″ on ebay. What else they done? Hey, you could do me a mix cd of stuff like this couldn’t you? For christmas?
Me: Yep.

Coincidentally, two days later in a second hand record shop I found a copy of the 7″ of XTC’s Senses Working Overtime for 99p.

So, hip hop obsessive brother wants a post-punk new wave mix cd. I think this song should go on it- Wire’s I Am The Fly, catchy like flu, spikey like , erm, spikes and great in every way.

09 I Am the Fly.wma

RVNG of the NRDS Mock and Toof ‘Digit 1’

From the RVNG of the NRDS series of remixes and re-edits this is London duo Mock and Toof getting to grips with post-punk heroes Wire, and their 1978 song Three Girl Rhumba. Not too dissimilar from the original but making the most of that killer riff that ‘inspired’ Justine Frischman in Elastica’s early days, and led to an out-of-court settlement. This re-edit is good stuff.

01 – Digit 1.mp3