I saw Jah Wobble at The Cinnmaon Club in Altrincham yesterday evening- a night of improvisational jazz, and dub with Jah Wobble and friends. The Cinnamon Club hosts a regular jazz club, a small room in a Rotary club building, holding about 100 people with cabaret style seating. Very civilised- the most civilised gig I’ve ever attended. Jah played with a drummer and jazz keyboardist (‘Get a good keyboard player’ Jah told us, ‘saves a lot of time’). They opened up with some skittering jazz and- surprise, surprise- loud bass, Jah shouting instructions and changes out to the band. From there they played an extended version of the theme from Get Carter and then some earthshaking Augustus Pablo dub. A Bagging Area treat came with the drummer playing didgeridoo while also hitting his kit and Jah tripping out with some droney, trance stuff, not a million miles away from his early 90s records. Later on he got Cara, a young girl who played some songs on acoustic guitar as support act, to come back up and the band fleshed out her last song (Here), followed by a young clarinetist brought in from a local music shop. Two young kids who will have woken up on Sunday morning thinking ‘OMG I played with Jah Wobble last night’. Finally Jah summoned Bonehead from Oasis and Dermo from Northside (WTF!!! etc) to romp through Public Image.

The whole thing was organised by South City Music and Beatnik Shop (both based in Altrincham)- and what a good job they did. Let’s have more of this type of thing in Altrincham please. I’ll happily bring some records down to play.

Tales From Outer Space