Show Me How You Do That Trick

There’s a dreamlike quality to The Cure’s Just Like Heaven, a 1987 single recorded in the south of France. The instruments come in one by one, the quicktime drums and melodic bass then rhythm guitar, followed by keys and lead guitar, and finally Robert Smith’s lyrics and thin vocals, inspired by a trip to Beachy Head with Mary. Smith says it is about ‘kissing and fainting to the floor’ and that sense of giddy weightlessness crosses over into the music.

Just Like Heaven

Dinosaur Jr’s 1989 cover is faster, louder and messier. It still carries the sense of weightlessness but is rooted in small venues, spilt beer and feedback.

Just Like Heaven


In Between Days

While looking for something else on the net I found this picture of fans of The Cure from 1985. It was an easily obtainable look for those willing to go the distance with the crimpers.

This 1985 single by The Cure couldn’t sound more like New Order if Hooky played the bass and Stephen Morris was on the drums. No mistaking the voice though, it couldn’t be anyone other than Robert Smith. A song about regretting the mistakes of a love triangle and losing the girl he wanted with the finest pop melodies and the jauntiest rhythm.

In Between Days

A song I’ve posted before, back in 2012 it seems, making reference to the New Order comparisons. Round and round….

Come Closer And See Into The Trees

I don’t have (or need) that many records by The Cure but this 12″ single from 1980 is close to perfection. The interplay between bass, drums, keys and flanged guitars with Robert Smiths’ anxious vocals work a treat. Post-punk dread as standard.

A Forest (Extended Mix)

In Between

I was never that into The Cure. I mean, I liked some of the singles- Boys Don’t Cry say, The Lovecats, Just Like Heaven- it’d be stupid not to. But I didn’t buy them. It was their fans I think and those silly shapeless, holey jumpers and messed up hair. Irritated me. And they did spend some time ripping off New Order’s sound. Pop-goths. Pah. Hence, I stood against The Cure, despite having the Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me lp on tape and playing it secretly. There’s no denying some of their songs though two decades later, like this one.

In Between Days