I like a good re-edit- not any old re-edit you understand but a good re-edit. A few years ago Pilooski was the re-edit king, taking something old, not too widely known, running it through the software in his laptop and giving a new lease of life. Some re-edits are pretty lazy, just adding a beefed up drum track but when they’re done well they’re good fun. Pilooski’s re-edit of Frankie Valli’s 1967 song Beggin’ was given a proper release beyond the world of bootlegs and mp3s. It still brings a smile to my face when I hear it.

Beggin’ (Pilooski Edit)


Sky Edit

Following the somewhat kosmische theme we’ve had here recently I heard Can’s Mothersky the other day (on BBC 6 I reckon, I can’t think of another radio station I’d either listen to or would play it). A few years back French re-edit chap Pilooski re-worked it. Pilooski is a dab hand at the old re-editing game and this is a game effort. Whether Mothersky really needed re-editing is open to question.

Mothersky (Pilooski Re-edit)

Something funny’s gone here- this isn’t the picture that should go with this post. This is the original post at the Blogger version of Bagging Area.Pesky import function.

>Anglo-Franco-Germanic Disco Face Off

I was rummaging through my downloads folder recently, which admittedly doesn’t have the same tactile thrill as rummaging through a record collection, and found this- The Rhinohead by Von Sudenfed and Mark E. Smith remixed by Pilooski. I couldn’t remember a) even having it b) whether I’d ever heard it or c) that it even existed. Which shows how disposable mp3s are. Click, download, forget about if you don’t play straight away. So I played it, and it’s ace. Von Sudenfed managed to record an entire album with MES back in 2007. Pilooski takes them to a disco, with lovely swooshy bits and tic-tic-tic snares and angelic backing vocals, and at around three minutes floors them with the beat and the noise. Good stuff, even by the standards of all involved. Mark E Smith is used sparingly, which will either disappoint you (the Drew camp) or delight you (the C-tel camp). Either way, everyone’s a winner.



A very nice piece of wonky French house/disco courtesy of Discodeine. No Jarvis Cocker guesting on this one but none the worse for it. Good stuff.

05 Invert (Parce que Edit).mp3#1#1

While I’m here, follow this link if you’re feeling strong enough. I know it’s for Comic Relief and everything but this may well be the worst piece of recorded music of all time. George Michael does New Order’s True Faith. Slowly. With heavy autotune abuse. I managed to listen for almost a minute.

>Dance To Organised Noise


Bagging Area likes Pilooski, and he’s one half of Discodeine (along with fellow Parisian Pentile). Bagging Area also likes Jarvis Cocker, and he’s singing on this track. Jarvis gets to put his snarls and growl to a proper disco/house record with a swelling chorus, and very good it is too.

Discodeine_Synchronize (featuring Jarvis Cocker).mp3#1#1

Bagging Area End Of Year Annual Review #1

Bagging Area started on January the 1st 2010 so this is my end of year round up.

Firstly, the top sixteen tracks as chosen by you the readers and the clickers, based on the numbers of downloads-

1. The Pharcyde ‘Passing Me By’
2. A Tribe Called Quest ‘Scenario’
3. Wayne Smith ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’
4. DJ Shadow ‘Def Is All Around Us’
5. DJ Shadow ‘I’ve Been Trying’
6. Spiritualized ‘Come Together’ Two Lone Swordsmen Remix
7. Shannon ‘Let The Music Play’
8. Pilooski ‘AAA’
9. Steve Mason ‘Boys Outside’ Andrew Weatherall Dub 1
10. Go Home Productions Destinys Child v The Smiths ‘How Soon Is Independence?’
11. NF Porter ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’
12. Half Man Half Biscuit ‘With Goth On Our Side’
13. Bassheads ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’
14. Le Corps De Mince Francoise ‘Gandhi’ Andrew Weatherall Mix 2

15. Warpaint ‘Ashes To Ashes’
16. Honkeyfinger ‘Running On Empty’ Andrew Weatherall Vocal Remix

Which makes it look like this is mainly a dance music blog, with a side order of hip hop. Where are the guitars? I often think of myself as a fan of guitar music as much as anything but maybe that isn’t the case. It also ignores the thirty odd posts of rockabilly we’ve had, which taken together would add up to quite a bit. I suppose there have been lots of guitar based tracks here, The Clash, Joy Division/New Order, The Cramps, Half Man Half Biscuit all being repeat offenders- they just don’t hit the high figures. There’s been northern soul, psyche, mod, ska, dub, reggae, mash ups, the continuing adventures of Johnny Marr, post punk and 80s indie. I guess I’ll just carry on covering as many bases as I can.

I wasn’t going to have an end of year list partly because I’m not sure I’m best placed to give a wide ranging and considered view of new music in 2010, especially when I read other bloggers end of year lists and think ‘Not heard that, not heard that, not even heard of that’ and I don’t think I listen to enough new music, but Bagging Area’s own 2010 favourites list would read something like this-

1. Steve Mason ‘Boys Outside’ Andrew Weatherall Dub 1
2. Le Corps De Mince Francoise ‘Gandhi’ Andrew Weatherall Mix 2
3. Pilooski ‘AAA’
4. MIA ‘Born Free’
5. Hippies ‘Friendly Ghost’
6. The Xx ‘VCR’ Fourtet Remix
7. Trentemoller ‘Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Go!!!’ Andrew Weatherall Prinz Mix
8. Woods ‘Bloods Dries Darker’
9. Warpaint ‘Undertow’ (or their cover of ‘Ashes To Ashes’, I’ll take either)
10. Massive Attack ‘Paradise Circus’ Gui Boratto Remix
11. Massive Attack ‘Pray For Rain’ Tim Goldsworthy Remix
12. Paul Weller ‘Andromeda’ Richard Hawley remix
13. Edwyn Collins ‘What Is My Role?’ (or ‘Losing Sleep’ or any one of four or five off the album)
14. Grinderman with Robert Fripp ‘Super Heathen Child’
15. LCD Soundsystem ‘I Can Change’
16. Wounded Lion ‘Friendly’
17. Error Operator ‘Follow’
18. Paul Weller ‘No Tears To Cry’
19. The Xx ‘Shelter’ John Talbot remix
20. The Jim Jones Revue ‘High Horse’

21. Gorillaz ‘Stylo’

But there could well be records I’ve missed out or forgotten, and some of the placings are pretty arbitrary.

Pilooski’s AAA is one of the best things I’ve heard this year. This is the minute and a bit dub/bonus beats that came on the 12″. Thanks for reading, here’s to 2011.


Del Shannon ‘Gemini’ Pilooski Re-edit

Back at the start of Bagging Area I featured the original version of this, Del Shannon’s Gemini, a lost baroque/psyche/pop classic from 1968. A song in praise of the elusive Gemini, ‘always heavy on my mind, blue eyes’, in the way those girls always seem to have been in the late 60s. This is French wonderkid Pilooski’s re-edited version and it’s arguably better than Del’s- faster, toughened up, dance floor drums, cut-up vox in parts, stretched out, but retaining Del’s otherness and great vocal. Superb.