Everybody’s Got Their Own Good Reason Why Their Favourite Season Is Their Favourite Season

I can’t imagine many people think that Echo And The Bunnymen’s ‘grey album’, the last by the full line up, is their best album but it’s got it’s moments and two songs that are top notch- The Game and Lips Like Sugar. The band played both live on the telly at some point circa 1988. Lips Like Sugar is really good, the band clicking and stretching the song out. The Game is interesting- there’s nothing wrong with Will, Les, Pete and the keyboard player. Ian McCulloch, possibly under the influence of something or other, keeps deciding to switch key and sing lines high, low or somewhere else entirely.

The video for The Game, shot on tour in Brazil, is dead 1980s. Pay special attention to Les’ shorts.

For Lips Like Sugar Anton Corbijn uses black and white, the Liverpool waterfront and some moody miming footage, shadows and leather, to good effect. With some giant lips and later on retro sci-fi.