Close Your Eyes And Think Of This

Someone must have thought that sticking The Who on a bus with a baby elephant and a couple of leggy models was a good way to promote a single. And on reflection, I think it probably is.

This is an absolutley blistering slice of 1967 psychedelic mod pop- Moon’s drumming and Townshend’s skyscraping, backwards/forwards and feedback driven guitar. And those harmonies. They, and anyone in 1967 for that matter, were never any better than this. Armenia City In The Sky was written by friend of the band John ‘Speedy’ Keen and the open song from their concept album The Who Sell Out- an album no record collection should be without, even if all those radio jingles get a bit wearying.

Armenia City In The Sky


All The Leaves Are Brown

This is a genuine 60s classic. I’m not as a rule a fan of four part harmonies but with this here song, I am. It nails happy-sad too. The clip somehow is all the better for the fact that the video and audio are out of sync.

And for no reason other than it was in the side bar…

Actually, that’s far from the only reason.



A band called Alberteen got in touch the other day, a three piece playing rhythm and noir. I like them. They’ve had some good press coverage and 6 Music plays. Alberteen have a filmic sound, with interesting guitar riffs and lyrics. Soundtracky but bandy too (shit description alert). This song, A Girl And A Gun, pays homage to Jean Paul Belmondo and his description of all one needs to make a film.

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 142

Or Vendredi nuit est la nuit rockabilly.

French legend Johnny Hallyday live in 2012 in Bruxelles. Pay particular attention to the guitarist and the kilted drummer playing standing up. Yup.

We’re off out tonight, Mrs Swiss and I. Date night, to, y’know, keep it fresh.

La Horse

I can’t let this week’s festival of Frenchness go by without some Serge Gainsbourg. This is a funky instrumental from the soundtrack to a film (La Horse) from 1970, with a banjo breakdown. Zut alors.

La Horse


What’s Bagging Area in French? L’area de bagging? Nope, zone d’ensachage apparently.
O level French, 1986, grade E. I do try with the language when we cross the Channel in the summer but I suspect I’ll never pass as a Frenchman once I open my mouth.

The French theme continues with Francoise Hardy, Mrs Jacques Dutronc and all round good oeuf. Which reminds me… why does a Frenchman only eat one egg for breakfast?

Because un oeuf is un oeuf.
Merci beaucoup.

Francois Hardy was courted by both Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan, both of whom she towered over. This was a 1967 hit. J’adore.


Grumbling Fur

A sort of throbbing, glacial electronic thing with vocals from Grumbling Fur, reminding me of the early 1980s for some reason. It’s on Thrill Jockey who are usually pretty reliable and it’s a free download.