I found this track somewhere on the internet recently, I can’t remember where, but I keep coming back to it. The creators of the original track are an Italian ensemble called 291out, a group who roam around the wide open spaces of jazz, funk, Italian prog and soundtracks- and fusions of all of those- rejecting logic, limits and reason. For this release which came out this time last year, a 12″ vinyl only four track e.p., they are remixed by Italian Balearic veterans Leo Mas and Fabrice who turn in a suitably laid back but at the same time quite intense remix- rubbery bassline, head nodding rhythms and a splendidly 70s guitar solo. Dreaming of the summer.

Sunrise 87

Balearic veterans Leo Mas and Fabrice put out an ep called White Isla back in 2015, a homage to Ibiza, the island and the scene. Five songs on the digital release, four on the vinyl, all are top notch tunes. This one is a killer piece of dancefloor music, a pumping bassline and energy to spare. A distorted and disjointed horn riff drops in and out. It should get you moving (just what you need on a Tuesday in September).

Sunrise 87 (Balearic Militant Mix)

Bella Ciao

How about some Balearic groove for your Sunday? To accompany the photo I took of our Lake District sunset last Sunday I offer you this mid-paced piece of summer loveliness, Underground System remixed by Leo Mas and Fabrice. The Afro-beat drums clatter about nicely, the bass riff is up front and on the dub mix the trumpet part is wonderfully loopy. Bella Ciao is a hymn to freedom and resistance dating from the civil war. Italo disco veteran Fabrice and Ibiza original Leo Mas, Balearic veterans both, take it up towards the sun, wherever you happen to be listening to it.

Why Why Why

Back to it this morning- early start, work clothes, motorway etc etc. It’s all a bit of a shock after two weeks off.

This Leo Mas and Fabrice version of The Woodentops’ Why Why Why is one way to ease the pain and lessen the blow. Eight minutes of sun dappled groove.

Why Why Why (Balearic Militant Dub)


It might be early November with the darkness consuming us at teatime but we can still, with the power of music, conjure up the heady days of summer, the warmth and the sunsets. In July Nancy Noise’s Azizi’s Dance was remixed twice by Andrew Weatherall. Tucked away on the 12″ single was this masterful piece of Balearica, remixed by downtempo duo Leo Mas and Fabrice. Joyful, slinky and all about the groove. It sounds like the smell of sunkissed skin.