Claudio Caniggia

Bass-O-Matic were William Orbit’s 90s house outfit who hit the top ten with Fascinating Rhythm, a single I have a lot of time for- early 90s positivity, pianos, a rap from MC Inna Onestep and the lovely vocals of Sharon Musgrave.

For a sultry and less poppy take on Fascinating Rhythm Renegade Soundwave offered up this version, also a tribute to ¬†Claudio Caniggia, Argentina’s long haired forward at Italia 90, a man fouled three times as he danced and dribbled his way through Cameroon’s defence before being scythed down. This being Renegade Soundwave the focus is very much on the bass.

Fascinating Rhythm (Claudio Caniggia Mix)


I’m Checking Out Her Rhythms

One of the home made cd compilations I found in a box recently had a bunch of Sabres Of Paradise remixes on it, which have been happily soundtracking some of my recent journeys. This one stands out- a particularly dark and thumpy remix of Renegade Soundwave from 1995. ‘I’m checking out her rhythms’ the buried vocal intones.

Brixton (Sabres Of Paradise Remix)

The dub mix from the 12″ is also pretty essential. Renegade Soundwave have a back catalogue full of rhythms that are worth checking out.

Brixton (Dub)

Bass Reprise

A bit more Renegade Soundwave for your Sunday evening- a version of Women Respond To Bass (an assertion that I’m no nearer to clearing up). Acid Ted’s been posting a load of RS as well. You can probably squeeze some in before the closing ceremony.

Women Respond To Bass (Women Respond In Heaven)

Bass Response

Renegade Soundwave’s Women Respond To Bass- a short follow up post. Here’s the track at youtube- very 1992 and none the poorer for it. I may have to go seeking a vinyl copy of this.

And as Ctel pointed out in the comments box this morning, there’s more Renegade Soundwave hereand amazingly the links are still live over four years after the posting.


And Tedloaf likes this one. I do too.



Women Respond To Bass was the title of a 1992 Renegade Soundwave single. Unfortunately I don’t have it, but the title always stuck with me. I don’t know if they had any scientific basis for this claim. They formed in 1986, doing that late 80s dance thing of trying to combine house, hip hop, dub, sampling and industrial music into one dancefloor friendly noise. With a definite London edge to the vocals. Probably A Robbery was the nearest they came to a hit, reaching number 38 in 1989.

Probably A Robbery

Back to work with a bang today.