The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 130

What a week- I got a (temporary) promotion at work yesterday following an interview. I am now an acting Assistant Headteacher. Yup. Tonight I am off to meet our MP, Graham Brady (Con), at his surgery in Altrincham to explain our situation to him- that Trafford Council have taken the ‘irrational’ decision to cut our disabled son Isaac’s respite and support package by over 50% and how this is an unjust attack on a disabled child and his family. I suspect he will know little about it (Trafford Council seem to have done very well at keeping the whole thing very quiet), and maybe he’ll care even less, but he represents us and he’s going to hear our views and hopefully at least ask some questions. Simultaneously, we have taken legal advice and Trafford will be hearing from our solicitor shortly. When we win, I’ll let you know.

Gene Maltais made several hot rockabilly records in his 1950s heyday. This was one of them.


The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 52

It’s a bit difficult to imagine how this record made it past the censors and got any airplay when it was released back in 1958. Little Girl features twanging rockabilly guitar, slapback bass, John providing the singing and Jackie the bedroom noises. Written by rockabilly hero Gene Maltais who has featured in this series before, it’s a Friday night special.

Little Girl

>The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 6


You wanna rumble?

Gene Maltais makes his third Friday night appearance with the rough ‘n’ ready ‘n’ raw 1957 single Gang War in which Gene sings and riffs like his life depends on it. He later recorded another version Gang War (Fast Version) which is pretty self explanatory, but this one will do for us tonight. Proper old school rockabilly.

Gang War.mp3

>The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 4


OFSTED eh? They come in, crawl all over you, scrutinise everything you do, watch you work and comment on it, make a load of judgements and then leave. The sun still comes up the next day. For the record, we did pretty well and don’t expect to see them again until 2013/14. Relief is the main feeling I think, and knackeredness. Open a bottle of something Mrs Swiss.

This is Gene Maltais, whose Raging Sea we rocked to a few weeks ago when this series crawled out of the grave. Gene has a crazy baby. Hope she doesn’t steal hubcaps on her way home from school.

crazy baby.mp3

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 2

One of the great things about rockabilly is there are tons of songs and singers to discover and unless you’re a total afficionado you can come across someone who’s ‘an unknown legend’ but totally new to you. In that line, tonight I give you Gene Maltais, whose The Raging Sea I got into recently on the Rocket In My Pocket compilation (out on Ace Records). I’ve since discovered I’ve got it on another comp, and another track by him on yet another comp, but somehow have missed them or not listened to them properly- easily done I find when it’s a compilation of twenty-five plus songs. Gene Maltais has got a truly great voice and a rocking guitar sound, and this song is the quiffed up business- play it ’til it wears out. Gene wants to love his woman ‘like a raging sea’, which is just less than ‘the force of a thousand suns’, a unit noted over at The Ghost Of Electricity blog a while back as very powerful indeed. Top stuff for your Friday night.

CJ- if you happen to be reading this, does the photo of Gene Maltais remind you of anyone we know?

03 The Raging Sea.wma