Bedroom Eyes

I  was playing Prince Fatty’s Supersize this weekend, an eleven song compilation of some of his best stuff, not very autumnal music admittedly. These two dubs are outstanding- Bedroom Eyes Dub has echo, rimshots, organ and bass.

That Very Night In Dub has the lovely voice of Hollie Cook, a sound that could grace any record.

Politik Kills

I have shamelessly purloined some of this post from a comment thread at Sun Dried Sparrows. The man in the photo above, who looks like he could have been pictured yesterday, is Lewis Powell (or Payne). He was a Confederate soldier who attempted to assassinate William H. Seward and one of four people hanged for their part in the Lincoln assassination conspiracy. Powell, from Alabama, was photographed unwillingly in his cell while awaiting the noose and his stare through the camera is stunning, utterly contemporary and one of the reasons I find portrait photography from the mid 19th century through to circa the 1930s so interesting. The people look out at us, from another time, boxed off in history but still alive and human. There’s more if you do an image search.

I’ve run out of bandwidth at Boxnet- you may have noticed. I did think about getting a second account with a different email but haven’t got round to it. Luckily there’s tons of stuff on the internet- like this roots reggae style Prince Fatty remix of Manu Chao’s of Politik Kills. And politik kills or killed Lewis Powell.

Manu Chao grew up in France after his parents fled from Spain, his grandfather sentenced to death by Franco’s regime. Busking led him eventually to Mano Negra, a French group inspired by The Clash. Their hybrid of French, Italian, Arabic and Spanish music along with punk, ska, and rai led to success across Europe (except here pretty much). After Mano Negra he spent several years touring central and south America in a train. Manu’s music is punk in spirit and global street sounds in style. Almost any of his albums are worth checking out.

We are off to the Peoples’ Republic of Sheffield for a couple of days and I’ve not set up any posts for while I’m away. Originally we planned to camp but the forecast has dissuaded us. See you in a couple of days.


Hollie Cook’s debut album was one of my favourites from 2011 and she has a new one ready to release in May (fan funded via pledges). This song has appeared ahead of it. A lolloping Prince Fatty reggae beat, some lovely strings and a sultry Lover’s Rock vocal from Hollie. Perfect timing too- today is the spring equinox, this is an early taste of summer.

From the dub version of her first lp…

Sugarwater Dub

Shimmy Shimmy

Gif files are one of the greatest things about the internet- just a loop of something or someone moving for a few seconds that is utterly hypnotic.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya was a single by Wu Tanger Ol’ Dirty Bastard, possibly the least parent friendly name a rapper ever took (‘what you listening to son?’ ‘Ol’ Dirty Bastard’.). Here the ever fantastic Prince Fatty does it over, roots reggae style. The B-side was a cover of Snoop’s Gin ‘n’ Juice.

Shimmy Shimmy Ya


This Hollie Cook and Prince Fatty cover version has got everything needed to make a great little dubby reggae song- snaking melodica, dub bass, some echo, sound effects and a lovely vocal. All the boxes ticked. I could listen to this all day.

You Know I’m No Good

The Fatty Fatty Sound

Bagging Area loves the reggae and dub of Prince Fatty. He’s currently in the States with Hollie Cook (whose album from two years ago was a joy, as was the offspring dub version lp). Prince Fatty has a ton of stuff up at Soundcloud, including a stream of the full ska/surf/spaghetti Western lp he did with The Mutant HiFi, The Return Of Gringo. It is as good as that sounds, chock full of skank, twang and samples…

There’s also this, a mixtape by Dave Bongo, to celebrate the release of Fatty’s Supersize album back in 2010, including the man himself, Danny Ray, Dennis Brown, Barrngton Levy and Cutty Ranks and others…

Or how about this one, highly recommended, a recent 45 minute live set- amongst it all you get Hollie Cook singing reggae versions of Kraftwerk’s The Model and Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good, a cover of Cypress Hill’s Insane In the Brain and Eric B and Rakim chucked in the mix as well, free download…

There’s loads more at Soundcloud. Get searching, get skanking.

You Are Going To Relax

Prince Fatty has dubbed out Tim Burgess in very fine style. I don’t know if this has been released, possibly for Record Shop Day (?) but if it hasn’t it should be. Summer bottled in a Soundcloud file.