Mod Action

I’ve seen a lot of blokes recently wearing desert boots, which irritates me. Partly because I hate it when a long time staple of my wardrobe gets popular- I don’t want to look like everybody else. Should I stop wearing them until the trend subsides or persist? When I look closely I notice they’re usually not Clarks’ desert boots, so, um, they’ve got it wrong haven’t they? Desert Boots which aren’t Clarks? Lunacy. Which, sadly, makes me feel better. I should probably, by my age, have got over these things, but I can’t help it. The mod in me never dies.

This is Better In Black by top mod revivalists and Medway garage-rock band The Prisoners, from their 1982 album A Taste Of Pink, re-issued on cd a while back and available at most download stores, as is the album shown above The Last Fourfathers, which has a much better cover. Better In Black is top quality guitar and organ action from Graham Day, James Taylor (later of The James Taylor Quartet), Allan Crockford and Johnny Symons.

The Prisoners – Better In Black.mp3