Monday’s Long Song

Eight minutes of blissed out synths and drum pads from Scottish DJ and producer Lord of The Isles with a track named after Rutger Hauer’s famous line from Blade Runner. Tears In Rain was the closer on a 2011 release, an ep called We Were There (Freestyle Dancin’).

Tears In Rain

Geek Chic

I know people moan about social media and the negative impact it is having on us, our kids, our politics, our mental health, our social skills and the price of milk but it does have its upsides. Without social media for example this piece of blisteringly good space disco from 2012 would have passed me by. Thanks Mark.

Seriously, this is like music made by angels, a mindbending and heartrending chugger, the controls set for the heart of the sun. Lord Of The Isles is based in Edinburgh. Trippy, Scottish Balearica. Downloading the whole ep will set you back 800 Japanese Yen (which looks like a lot but is actually a bit over 5 quid).