Work It Out For Yourself

There will always be room in my life for at least two Soul II Soul records. Back To Life is where British soul met house music and went to the top of the charts. It sounds as much like 1989 as anything else from that year. The video is seductive too, the lighting on the steps, the richness of the colours, the roof top party, the sense of inclusiveness.

The other is Get A Life from 1990, which I love as much now as I did then. It has a slightly tougher, reggae feel, plus those superb strings. Jazzie B’s vocals combined with the kids chanting ‘What’s the meaning, what’s the meaning of life?’ work brilliantly and you cannot beat the drop at 2.13, followed by Jazzie’s conclusion- ‘so there it is, work it out for yourself… be selective, be objective, be an asset to the collective…’. Good advice in general I think.

Get A Life (12″ Mix)