Monday’s Long Songs

This Monday’s long song is a remix and a Record Shop Day 2019 12″ release. Despite all our misgivings about RSD- people who buy in bulk to then sell on ebay, the proliferation of re-issues no-one has asked for, the massively bumped up prices, the insistence that coloured vinyl is in some way better than black- this release showed that it was worth heading to a record shop for. New York’s 1960s home-made synth enthusiasts Silver Apples remixed by Andrew Weatherall, a nine minute wonder with lighter than air melodies, steam powered drums and so many false endings that when it finally finishes you still expect it to start up again. Ace.

Weatherall has also recently remixed an Unloved song so while I’m here we may as well slip a second one in. Devils Angels is a very different animal, busier and built around a repeating bassline with ghostly echoed vocals and all manner of noises swirling around its eight minutes.



This is the control  panel for the Worcester Boiler 28Si II, which controls our central heating and hot water. Or at least it did up until Friday night. On Saturday morning it was intermittently controlling it. By the afternoon it was dead. Some internet research showed that the fault is a common one with the Worcester 28Si II, that the reset button will reset a few times but after 5 tries it will lock out. As ours has. At that point every piece of advice on plumbing chatrooms (I know…) was to get an engineer in. This was not possible on Sunday. A friend had a look. He has a friend who is a plumber, who is coming to fix the Worcester 28Si II today at 2.00 pm.

On Saturday night I ran a bath by boiling the kettle and four saucepans of water on the hob repeatedly. After three quarters of an hour this delivered a bath of about 5″. I know that under such circumstances one should shrug and  laugh and look at people under flood water in Somerset who are having a much worse time and see the bright side, spirit of the Blitz etc etc. I did not possess such qualities. I just want hot water and central heating back.

This song is by experimental, psychedelic, electronic 60s group Silver Apples, who may well have lived in a cold water flat on the Lower East Side. I couldn’t stand it for long. I reached my tolerance several days ago.


I Have Known Love

Silver Apples are a hipster wet-dream. A minimalist, experimental, psychedelic 60s duo from New York using primitive homemade synths and live krauty drumming. What could be hipper? They reformed in the 90s to rapturous acclaim. They have that pulse beat and atonality. Beards are stroked. Heads nodded. Trainers shuffle slightly. Sorry if I’m being a bit sniffy, unfairly, because some of their stuff is great, and some of it is very of it’s time, clearly influential but not always a great listen to these ears. This song is, however, gold plated.

I Have Known Love

In other news my son IT goes into hospital today for an op to remove the plates from his knees that have been straightening his legs. It’s supposed to be a day case, in-and-out job. Fingers crossed.