Rude Can’t Fail

Mark from Rude Audio, a South London based acid house outfit featured before here with their own tracks and here dubbing out The Charlatans versus Chris and Cosey, are preparing a new e.p. to be released in late summer/early autumn. As a foretaste of what’s to come Mark has put together this rather excellent mix, a two hour forty minute marathon, where ‘dub, chug and house meet Arab vibes uptown for a bit of a cavort’. I can’t do much more than recommend you press play and enjoy.


Rude Audio – To The Sun
Timothy Clerkin – Akama
Bedford Falls Players – Off The Drop (Rude Audio Remix)
Steady State – Steady State (Rich Lane Remix)
Lisa Germano – Lovesick (Underdog Remix)
Leftfield – Release The Pressure (Adrian Sherwood Remix)
Dub Trees – King Of The Faeries (Outer Space Chug Mix)
Bedford Falls Players – Story Of House (BFP Remix)
Shara Nelson – One In Ten (Underdog Remix)
Field Of Dreams – Nothing Is Perfect (Original – Instrumental)
Bedford Falls Players – Synthetic
Danielle Baldelli and Darlo – Infinity Machine
Rude Audio – Athens 91 (Are Killing Me)
Jagwar Ma – Give Me A Reason (Weatherall No.1 Remix)
Foals – Lonely Hunter (Bedford Falls Players Remix)
De Gama – Mantekilla
2CV – Sally Up Sally Down
Rude Audio – To The Half Moon (Rich Lane Remix)
Rude Audio – Rumble On Arab St
Mehmet Aslan – Gazel
Mixhell/Joe Goddard/Mutado Pintado – Crocodile Boots (Mixhell Remix)
Kalabrese – Desperate Man (Matthew Herbert Instrumental Remix)
Lauer – ESC (Prins Thomas Diskomix)
Rude Audio – Pipeline Screaming
Munk and Rebolledo – Surf Smurf (Munk Version)
Carter Tutti – Dancing On Your Grave
Time and Space Machine – Good Morning (St Etienne Remix)
Alien Stadium – Titanic


Hurling Their Own Powers Against Them

One of this year’s treats has been a remix by Chris and Cosey of Different Days, the title track of The Charlatans latest album. Rude Audio, a London based collective, have done a completely unofficial re-edit of Chris and Cosey’s already rather gorgeous, Balearic remix. Rude Audio have pared the vocals back, dubbed it up and let the lovely, bubbling synths take centre stage.

In the picture the Fantastic Four’s own powers have been combined by this set of magic gloves and this will enable them to be totally defeated–now– and forever!! By hurling their own powers– magnified many times– against them!!

Rude Audio

I  got an email on Friday, unsolicited music submission, from a man called Mark. The tone of the email kept me reading as did the sentence ‘Andrew Weatherall and Don  Letts have been playing them’. Four links provided and I replied saying I’d listen. And I’m glad did.

This isn’t really Monday morning music, it’s Saturday night stuff. It’s my Dad’s birthday today and he wouldn’t get these either. But there”s some rather excellent acid house going on here. Rude Audio are a south London and Geordie concoction, based in Peckham and Herne Hill. The first one I listened to was this, Crystal Pylons, a dancefloor stomper.

Knockemdub has been spun by Don Letts on BBC6, spaced out and dubby…

This one, User, was Weatherall’s pick, played on Music’s Not For Everyone back in April- a stuttering reggae style beat and echoey vocals, not too far from The Orb’s Ultrabass remixes.

Half Moon Lane Glitter takes us back to the dark back room of a club, some slo-mo action…

Rude Audio’s website asks the question ‘where are all those chunky, dubby, riffy, mind-melting, epic, progressive, Balearic tunes when you need them?’ Right here.