If You Want To Know The Truth

More Sabres related stuff for Sunday. I was rooting through a box of cds (home made ones I burned and made covers for when I first started downloading mp3s, going back to 10 years ago). In the box was a cd of Sabres Of Paradise remixes of One Dove’s 1992 song Transient Truth, one of many standout songs from their Morning Dove White album. Sabres remixed Transient Truth not once but six times. Two of the versions were officially released, The Old Toys Mix and Old Toys Dub, on the 12″. The other four remixes turned up on a four track promo white label- the Paradise Mix, The Sabres Fuzz Dub, the Squelch Mix and the Death Of A Disco Dancer Mix. And that is how I soundtracked my journey to work on Wednesday and Thursday this week just gone, the variations of remixes making the miles pass by, repeated bits of bassline, synths and the Sabres rhythms and dub production flowing into one another. There are worse ways to spend forty minutes of listening time. The Paradise mix is possibly the pick, ten minutes and five seconds of 1992.

Transient Truth (Paradise Mix)


Straight To Your Heart

There was a time when I didn’t really see why One Dove’s beautiful and mysterious Why Don’t You Take Me needed remixing, even though it was Underworld (and Secret Knowledge) doing said remixing. Weatherall’s production and Dot’s vocal were so right mucking around with them or removing the vocal seemed wrong. But the first Underworld remix, a slow one and a long way from the usual throbbing pulsing Emerson sound, is really good, building slowly over eleven minutes with a repeated synth part.

Why Don’t You Take Me (Underworld Remix)

And the second one is nearly fifteen minutes of throbbing and pulsing and dark corners and dry ice- those hi hats and kick drums keep pushing it on and on.

Why Don’t You Take Me (Underworld Up 2 Down Remix)

And while neither of them are as wondrous as the original, they exist to do a different job.

I Want To Keep Hold Of This For You

The Vinyl Villain has been hosting a long running series where different contributors suggest a ten track Imaginary Compilation Album for an artist or band, running the gamut from The Smiths to Massive Attack, from Durutti Column to Captain Beefheart. Now totalling over one hundred posts I finally pulled my finger out and wrote an Andrew Weatherall ICA. I cheated- it’s a double disc compilation. You can read it here.

This One Dove song didn’t make the cut but probably should have.

White Love (Guitar Paradise Mix)

The Small Hours Are Hard To Face

I’ve no doubt I will keep coming back to One Dove as long as I have the strength to lift the arm onto the vinyl or press play. Morning Dove White is one of the 90s high points, one of Weatherall’s too. This was their poppiest moment, soft, sublime and enveloping- even Stephen Hague can’t ruin it. It doesn’t have as many of the gorgeous dub textures that are all over the album but it should have been a big hit. I don’t remember seeing the video before, Dot and the boys miming in a pub/club. The bit where they get projected onto the pool table is a tad dated but no matter.


Tonight, while you are uncorking the wine and enjoying Friday night, I shall be enjoying/enduring the horrors of… the work residential. Hotel, meeting from 4 until 7, dinner, drinks and then another round of meetings onSaturday morning all the way through until 12.

As a result they will be no rockabilly tonight- I’m not having you grooving to the sounds of the Bagging Area Friday night while I’m suffering. I know that sounds selfish but that’s the way it is.

Some songs recently appeared on Soundcloud- unfinished versions of songs for a second One Dove album, scrapped as the band split up while recording it. Shame. One Dove’s Morning Dove White is a lost 90s gem, flawed maybe but a gem nonetheless.

If you go here there’s a few tasters of what might have been.

Transient Truth

Posting that Death In Vegas song on Monday night prompted me to think that it’s been ages since I posted any One Dove. So, plucking a track fairly randomly from the hard drive we get the Old Toys Mix of Transient Truth. There are half a dozen different mixes of this song, most of them by Weatherall and his Sabres Of Paradise cronies Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns. This one is a killer- 120 bpm with a deep dubby bassline, pulsing synthlines, squelches and bleeps, a bit of Dot. They used to call it Progressive House. It still sounds like progress.

Transient Truth Old Toys Mix


A reader called Anthony James has made a request, ‘on bended knee’ no less (quite fitting with all this reverence for our dear Queen)- One Dove’s Skanga. I’m only too happy to oblige with this majestic 12″ B-side slice of dub-house with Dot’s wonky vocals. Wonderful record.


I think I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t understand why this song and their cover of Jolene weren’t on Morning Dove White, instead of the multiple versions of Breakdown and White Love- they would have made it a different and better album.