Last month I wrote about the new single from The Hurt, a Manchester four piece with Rikki Turner at the wheel. Sleeping was co-written with Stephen Evans from Cabbage. When I wrote about them in April I said ‘Sleeping growls and grinds, Rikki’s baritone vocals recalling a northern Nick Cave, hiding his face from the light. Darker Sun is a brooding, bass led thing with overloaded guitars and female vocals, a soundtrack to  a night out under the streetlamps in the rain’. And I’m sticking with that for now. Out now on Blindside Records.



The Hurt are back in May with a new single, Sleeping backed with Darker Sun. They have two former Paris Angels in their ranks, Rikki Turner and Paul Wagstaff (also of Black Grape), pictured above by Paul Husband. These songs are a long way from the heady days of Madchester though. Sleeping growls and grinds, Rikki’s baritone vocals recalling a northern Nick Cave, hiding his face from the light. Darker Sun is a brooding, bass led thing with overloaded guitars and female vocals, the soundtrack to a night out under the streetlamps in the rain. Both are well worth some of your hard earned. I’ll put some links up to listen and to buy when its released.

As a reminder last year they put out the excellent, uplifting Berlin which came with a remix of The Dead by acid house hero Suddi Raval (of Hardcore Uproar fame), available at Bandcamp and on the Bandcamp player below.

Away Again

A quick turn around and I’m off again, with the family this time, down to the Dordogne in South West France for the next couple of weeks, stopping off in the Loire for three nights on the way back. It’s looking good.

I’ll leave you with a couple of songs to speed us on our way and to keep you happy. Rikki Turner’s new band The Hurt released a cracking song a few months back, the moody and epic Berlin. The new one is a cover of Nico’s One More Chance and is a stately throb.

The new Hardway Bros ep Pleasure Cry is one of my records of the year thus far. This song, Argonaut, was written specifically by Sean Johnston to be played on the boat at Croatia’s Electric Elephant Festival. It starts off like Weatherall’s mix of Come Together and then heads off into the sunset putting its arms around you and doing a little dance.

And just so’s there’s some screaming guitars and drawled vocals here’s J Mascis and The Fog covering Teenage Fanclub’s Everything Flows with Mike Watt on bass. It then diverts into Pavement’s Range Life and The Ruts’ In A Rut. Is it any good? Of course it is. It is seven minutes of good.

The Hurt

Rikki Turner has walked a long road from Manchester to Berlin via Paris (Angels). His new group The Hurt have their debut single Berlin out on Valentine’s Day on Play And Record Records. Berlin is the sound of a gathering storm, a walk through the city at night- mirrors crack, lovers are lost, touches are cold. Electronics and riving guitars, doomy bass, gothic touches and Rikki’s urgent baritone vocal but shot through with a touch of pop, 70s Bowie/Eno style. Tremendous, powerful stuff.

The single’s B-Side The Dead has been remixed by Suddi Raval, formerly one half of Together who were responsible for Hardcore Uproar and a blindingly good remix of The Durutti Column. It’s a dark, dangerous acid house version with 808 squiggles and washes of backing vocals before the Hacienda groove kicks in. Rikki’s echo-laden vocal hovers over the breakdown and then the bleeps and kickdrums return. I can’t share it at the moment but you’ll want to hear it when the single comes out.

Rikki was lead singer in Paris Angels whose Perfume (All On You) is a big Bagging Area favourite. In The Hurt he’s joined by former Paris Angel and former Black Grape Wags, Jack Scraggs and Keith Higgins. Before parting company with The New Southern Electrikk the group recorded Rikki’s song Brown Eyes which I loved and posted.