Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 17

This weeks rockabilly has a distinctly doo-wop 50s pop slant. From 1956 The Dawn Breakers Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses (‘Hey you, the boy with the be-bop glasses, and the suede shoes, come in’) shakes, rattles and rolls, with some lovely doo-wop vox. If you listended to Weatherall’s Double Gone Radio podcast over at Rotters Golf Club you’ll already know it.

I’m writing this well in advance of Friday night, as I’ll be watching England scrape past Algeria/under-perform massively/play like world-beaters (delete as appropriate) and I know Drew gets twitchy if he hasn’t had his Friday night rockabilly action by eight pm. Here’s an idea, for once England, how about you all actually play well?

And yes, I love the advert as well.

Boy With the Be-Bop Glasses.mp3