Crazy As She Goes

DJ Shadow >>> UNKLE >>> Richard Ashcroft >>> The Verve >>> The Good, The Bad And The Queen >>> Dangermouse >>> Gnarls Barkley.

I really liked Gnarls Barkley’s number one worldwide smash Crazy. Dangermouse and Cee Lo Green made some memorable Top Of The Pops appearances (the one where they dressed as air crew springs to mind). Back in 2006 the mash up was all the rage. This one, I don’t know who did it, splices Gnarls Barkley with The Raconteurs (Steady As She Goes).

Crazy As She Goes

We saw a band at a fiftieth birthday party last weekend- the band were much younger than us, mid-to-late 20s. Their go-to cover versions were largely early/mid 2000s- The Strokes, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes, Black Keys. It said something culturally- these kids, their references, are post-20th century. Rave on.

Saturday Mash Up

Mark Vidler, in his Go Home Productions guise, proves that a mash up of Shannon’s peerless Let The Music Play and The Stones’ equally peerless Gimme Shelter go together as well as bacon and eggs on a Saturday morning. Jim Morrison turns up at the start to provide the fried tomato (liked by some, loathed by others). Stoned. Immaculate. Fried mushrooms.

Shannon Stone

Don’t Fight Control

Claude Flight’s 1925 linocut Speed.

The Chemical Brothers (with Bernard Sumner on vocals) jemmied together with Primal Scream (with Denise Johnson on vocals). As mash ups go this is a tad obvious but good nonetheless. Whether it’s any use to you first thing on a Tuesday January morning I don’t know. You might need to save it for the small hours at the weekend when you’ve had a couple.

Don’t Fight Control

Arizona Alpert

Another Public Enemy mash up I re-found recently (I think via Tedloaf and Twitter). Chuck D rages about Arizona, the state who refused to recognise Martin Luther King Day, while Herb Alpert parps away merrily underneath. Herb sued the makers, The Evolution Control Committe. Chuck and Flavor Flav didn’t. But then PE always knew what time it was.

Seven Nation Noise Revelator

Found this, I think via Twitter. The charmingly named Bastard Brothers have taken this pair’s best known song…

…and this man’s biblical acapella John The Revelator…

… and this band’s Bring The Noise…

… and stuck ’em all together- good fun. Some blues purists seem a little upset about Son House being used in this way but I reckon he wouldn’t have minded. Due to ‘copyright restrictions’ I’m not allowed to embed it. Youtube link here.

Is He Alive? Can He Still Feel?

Continuing my short series of mashing up Victorian explorers with Clash mash ups; John Hanning Speke did actually discover the source of the Nile on a trip across Africa with Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, almost died, almost went blind. Not a great holiday (apart from naming Lake Victoria I suppose, more than I’ve ever managed on holiday). When the two men returned home Burton spent years rubbishing Speke’s reputation and his achievements, believing Speke had presented too soon and broken an agreement between the them. Speke died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound while stepping over a stile, shooting himself just below the left armpit. Duh.

Manriki’s A Good Profile from the London Booted album- at Last FM it reads ‘Manriki: A guy- maybe from Belgium- making very funny bastard tracks’. A good Clash song to bootleg because the guitars and horns chop up so well and neatly.

A Good Profile

Of course The Clash song The Right Profile is about Montgomery Clift so really I should have had a picture of him rather than John Hanning Speke.

Bonus track: there were three bootleg/bastard versions of The Right Profile on Lodon Booted. One involved Peaches fucking the pain away. This one by Allen Smithee is a hugely enjoyable splicing of The Streets with The Clash. As Mike Skinner says ‘Hold it down boy!’

Street Profile

I’ve Been Beat Up, I’ve Been Thrown Out

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton- he was beat up, he was thrown out,  he was not down. He had a good tomb as well, in Mortlake. Worth a look.

Another London Booted track, this time E-Jitz bootleg version of Mick’s down-in-the-dumps tale I’m Not Down spliced with Hold Your Head Up by… er… actually, who is Hold Your Head Up by? Answers in the comment box to embarrass me. Whoever it is, this is mash up soul-punk brilliance from the E-Jitz boys.

I’m Not Down (Hold Your Head Up)


How do you fancy an example of the ancient art of the mash-up? Featuring PiL’s debut single and Macy Gray? By Soundhog? It’s a good ‘un. There are more PiL mash-ups, John Lydon stuff and so forth at Fodderstompf.

Public Demons

Top Gear

Cars don’t going to feature here at Bagging Area very often but today’s post is car inspired if not a full discussion and comparison of motors that would keep Clarkson happy.

We have two cars. One is an increasingly shabby Volkswagen Polo that trundles between home and my workplace, rapidly approaching the eighty thousand miles mark. It’s pleasingly basic- steering wheel, three foot pedals, hand break, gear stick, cassette player, working electric window on the driver’s side, broken electric window on the passenger side. It’s full of old compilation cassettes, fag ash, wrappers and packets, pebbles and grit, and the mp3 adaptor thing that means the cassettes are only there for mp3 player battery dying moments. The other car, the ‘family car’, I only really get to drive at weekends. I suppose it’s our son’s car really, seeing as part of I.T.’s disability benefit pays for it and he qualifies for it through the Motorbility scheme. It’s got electric everything, and a sensor that beeps to warn you when you’re reversing too near a wall. Not that this stopped me reversing into a wall a few weeks back. It’s got a cd player, which was the most exciting thing about it for me, and it’s various storage compartments are bursting with homemade compilation cds, mainly filled up with tracks from blogs better and older than this one.

To cut a long winded post short that isn’t really about cars at all, I reached in one of the storage areas yesterday and pulled out a cd cleverly titled Easter 08, stuck it in the player and this came on- Freelance Hellraiser’s mash up of Christina Aguilera and The Strokes, A Stroke Of Genius. The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis reckoned this was the song of the last decade. It’s one of those songs the whole family can sing along too, including the instrumental parts. Ace. When I last posted a mash up, a reader at the back-up, WordPress version of Bagging Area left a comment saying ‘But who listens to mash up’s anymore?’. Well, when they’re this good I do.

a stroke of genius.mp3

Why Oh Why Oh Why?

The mash up artist Dunproofin’ has pushed it too far- taken Andrew Weatherall’s Feathers and mashed it up with- wait for it- Girls On Film by Duran Duran.

There are plenty of 80s pop bands you can say good things about. Duran Duran are not one of them. Duran Duran were always awful. Early stuff- awful. The rest- awful, vapid nonsense.

So, download it, listen to it once, then go and wash your ears out with soap. And delete it.