If I ignore this hangover maybe it’ll go away.
That isn’t going to work.

Something nice and soothing- a remix of a song off Cat Power’s Sun album from a couple of months back, by Nicolas Jaar. A church organ and Chan Marshall singing sounding like you’re outside the church. Lovely. And quite seasonal as we enter December.

Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar remix)


Good Woman

Ages ago a friend lent me a Cat Power lp- I can’t remember which one but I listened to it and decided it really wasn’t my cuppa tea. I don’t think I stuck with it very long. I found this clip recently- footage of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg hanging around the streets of New York in 1959, soundtracked by Cat Power’s Good Woman. Which I now love. The vocal and ever-so-distorted guitars, and with some lovely backing vocals. Some plucked strings, a dash of harmonica maybe. The right side of melancholic.

It’s good when a completely different context allows you to hear something differently and get a different response. I may have to go  and buy the album.

Good Woman