Yes, I know, wrong day. Today is Lundi.

Dimanche is on this year’s Shadow People album by French duo The Liminanas. It’s well worth getting hold of if you haven’t already- ten tracks recorded at Anton Newcombe’s studio, taking in Velvet’s fuzz and rhythms, thumping drums, sunglasses and black leather and a guest spot for Peter Hook’s bass. Dimanche, with guest vocals from Bertrand Belin, has been remixed by fellow Frenchman Laurent Garnier and it is very good indeed, Garnier adding some clubby dynamics, looping some parts, drawing out the ringing feedback and a sticking a massive kick drum and snare underneath. I think this came out on 12″ for Record Store Day.


Shadow People

This is a new one from The Liminanas, a French duo whose stuff I’ve posted before- they did an excellent single last year with Hooky on bass (Garden Of Love). This one, Shadow People, has Emmanuelle Seigner on vocals, and has exactly the right amount of Gallic psychedelic buzz.

An e.p. called Istanbul Is Sleepy, recorded between their home in the South of France and Anton Newcombe’s studio in Berlin is out in a couple of weeks with an album in 2018. The title track from the e.p. has been out since the end of September. It is a Velvets inspired blast and a total earworm. Le velours souterrain.


You’ll have noticed that nothings happened here for the last seven days. The computer developed a fault. I took it to be repaired. They phoned today to tell me that the computer is exactly where I left it with them because the van that comes to pick up faulty goods to take them for repair has had the ‘wrong size containers’. This caused me to feel quite angry. They say it will be up to another week before I get it back. This caused me further feelings of anger and annoyance.

I’m typing this on my daughter’s laptop which contains exactly no music to post so I’m going to Youtube and giving you this as a stopgap. Andrew Weatherall has done two remixes of The Liminanas single Garden Of Love (the one with Hooky on bass and backing vox). This version takes the drums off and takes it almost into Smokebelch Beatless Mix territory.

Garden Of Remix

Earlier this year The Liminanas put out a new album, Malamore, preceded by a Peter Hook bass-led single Garden Of Love. This has now been remixed by Andrew Weatherall into a murky, bleep based excursion with a synth breakdown at four minutes followed by some drama before the bleeps and heavy breathing returns.


French duo The Liminanas are back with a new album- Malamore. The single Garden Of Love, with Peter Hook’s bass playing, has already attracted quite a bit of positive attention- quite right too. The rest of the album lives up to it, Lionel and Marie using the starting point of French 60s pop (Serge, Ye-Ye, Francois Hardy) and adding some Velvets shade and some psychedelia light. Organ, fuzz guitar, rattling drums, breathy vox. Probably the best Franco-beatnik album you’ll hear this year.

This live performance for Figaro TV of Russian Roulette rattles and thrums and buzzes.

Garden Of Love

There’s a lot of good new stuff around right now- must be record labels warming up for spring or something. This is hot off the press/file converter, a new song from French duo The Liminanas with whispered vocals, a lovely picked out melody line and 60s beatnik style. Oh, and Peter Hook’s beautiful, brilliant bass playing. I love this right now. What more can we ask for? Fits in very well with yesterday’s Unloved song too.

Garden Of Love is also a poem by William Blake from Songs Of Experience. A bit of poetry for your Thursday…

I went to the Garden of Love,
And saw what I never had seen:
A Chapel was built in the midst,
Where I used to play on the green.


And the gates of this Chapel were shut,
And Thou shalt not. writ over the door;
So I turn’d to the Garden of Love,
That so many sweet flowers bore.


And I saw it was filled with graves,
And tomb-stones where flowers should be:
And Priests in black gowns, were walking their rounds,
And binding with briars, my joys & desires.

Costa Blanca

The Bagging Area January tour- started in Moss Side on Tuesday, Tahiti yesterday- moves on to the Costa Blanca, Spain. It’s the title of last year’s lp from French beat-pop duo The Liminanas which I’ve been playing a bit recently. Husband and wife split the vocals, in French and English, some organ, Moe Tucker’s drumming and a lot of fuzz guitar. C’est magnifique.