Montreal’s Handsome Furs have featured here before. I dug out their 2009 album recently and enjoyed it all over again. They’re a couple and a duo, he plays guitar and sings, she plays mini-Korg and sings. Together they kick up a punky synthy racket with a big kick drum underpinning everything. This song, I’m Confused, starts with a great keyboard tone that sounds like a vuvuzuela (stick with it) and then takes off.



Handsome Furs ‘Talking Hotel Arbat Blues’

This is the standout track from Handsome Furs’ 2009 Face Control album. Alexei Perry and Dan Boeckner are from Canada, and make ‘synth-punk indie-rock’. Over the whole album it can get a bit wearing but on their own many of the songs are ace. A trip to Moscow inspired this song, with visits to nightclubs where the doormen could refuse entry to people who had paid upfront, but didn’t look right- a practice known as ‘face control’. This song is great- hard hitting bass drum, great vocals, spiky guitars, punky energy married to synths. And as you can see, they look good too.

talking hotel arbat blues.mp3