The Searchers ‘Popcorn Double Feature’

I was looking through a box of cds that came free with music magazines earlier, and like many things they seemed to be better a while back than they are now. I glanced at one from Mojo in 2000 called, with typical understatement, ‘Maximum ’65- 20 Tracks From The Birth Of Rock’, which I must have kept and not binned for some reason, probably mod-related. Scanning the tracklist there were The Small Faces, PP Arnold, Fleur De Lys, The Poets, Chris Farlowe, all good stuff. Then I spotted this- Popcorn Double Feature. Fairly uncool 60s Liverpool beat group The Searchers released it in 1967. By 1971 they had been hopelessly left behind, and become stalwarts of the chicken in a basket scene. In 1990 it was last track side 1 on Extricate by The Fall. Mark E. Smith’s group’s cover version is pretty faithful to the original, and like many covers by The Fall is great. But, as I rediscovered this morning, so is the original.

16 Popcorn Double Feature.wma