Shake Your Brain, Shake Your Sandals

I love Acid Jazz, beat poet, house/techno, beardy types Sandals out of all proportion to their actual output or  the actual merits of their back catalogue. This one will make your speakers buzz and your head nod.

Shake Ya Brain


A Gas

Last weekend I posted We Wanna Live by early 90s Acid Jazz combo Sandals. In the comments box reader Anto and I agreed that their 12″ A Profound Gas was their best record. I see no reason to change that decision now. The hippy/beatnik lyrics in particular are a profound gas.

We Wanna Live

I always liked the post-acid house crossed with beat poetry records made by Sandals back in the early 1990s. Signed to Acid Jazz, produced at different times by the non-Weatherall parts of Sabres Of Paradise and one half of Leftfield, and over the twelve odd minutes of this head stomp of a single remixed by DSS, who if I’m not mistaken were The Disco Evangelists, a pseudonym for David Holmes. That list of names should not hide the fact this is an ace record.

Remix Controller

I’d wager that even those for whom the jazz, beads and goatees of Galliano were too much, there’s something to love in Weatherall’s remixes of Skunk Funk- uber funky, bass heavy, nine minutes plus long, heavy aroma of special cigs- ‘and when the music plays…’

Vibe Controller

Galliano, London’s Acid Jazz beat poets, were I think it’s fair to say an acquired taste. Over the course of an album there’d be at least one song that made you want to snap the record in two but I think they had their moments. I had the first two albums, In Pursuit Of The 13th Note and A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator (I know…), although I haven’t listened to either for donkeys. And let’s not forget they had Michael Snaith, officially The Vibe Controller, who patrolled the stage with a carved stick. And Mick Talbot on keyboards. Nice cardigans too. They’re sounding better all the time in aren’t they? I saw them at the Hacienda in the early 90s and they were very good fun live, finishing with a cover of Kris Kriss’s Jump. Better than it sounds, honest.

Young Disciples ‘Apparently Nothin’ ‘

Acid Jazz seemed really good briefly, a long time ago. The main movers were well dressed and had good record collections, but as some wag said ‘Too much jazz, not enough acid’. This single, from 1991, is the best song that came out of the whole scene- Young Disciples’ Apparently Nothin’, featuring the vocals of Carleen Anderson, and the music of Femi Williams and Marco Nelson.

Apparently Nothin’.mp3