Isolation Mix Eight

An hour and five minutes of lockdown vibes and an attempt to lift the spirits and up the tempo a bit this week. This one is a global trawl of tunes taking in Dubwood Allstars and their splicing together of King Tubby, Dylan Thomas and Richard Burton, a classic 70s Lee Perry production from the Black Ark in Kingston, Jamaica, Moon Duo doing Black Sabbath in very laid back style, groove- based melodic noise from Scotland (Mogwai) and Norway (Mythologen), some funky 80s crossover dance pop from NYC, Natasha Khan and Toy as Sexwitch, Paris duo Acid Arab and South London’s Rude Audio, all on a Middle Eastern tip, and early 90s Balearic dub house majesty from Sheer Taft (Glasgow) and Underworld (Essex). Bank holiday weekend. Take it easy. Stay safe.

Dubwood Allstars: Under Dubwood

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Zap- Pow: Riverstone

Moon Duo: Planet Caravan

Mogwai: The Sun Smells Too Loud

Mythologen: Trust

Tom Tom Club: Wordy Rappinghood

Sexwitch: Ha Howa Ha Howa

Acid Arab: Club DZ

Rude Audio: Rumble On Arab Street

Sheer Taft: Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)

Underworld: M.E.


Sometimes, something really good happens when you least expect it. The new Natasha Khan project pricked my ears up when I first read about it a few weeks back, then Drew recommended it and Walter posted it recently too. The first time I listened to it on a stream it blew me away. Sexwitch are Natasha Khan, Dan Carey and some of Toy. The band name alone gives you an idea of what you’re going to get. Over six songs the album unfolds with some dark and thundering grooves, bass and drums well to the fore, jagged shards of guitar and Natasha’s vocals, chanting and controlled but also letting go with shrieks and screams. ‘I addicted him, he addicted me’ she intones, which captures the feel as well as anything. Four of the songs are Middle Eastern or North African in origin, the lyrics translated into English, and these are the ones that really move, that make this record connect, where the thumping, voodoo magic happens. A sexy, psychedelic stew.