Can’t See At All

Woods have made several albums, mainly in the Americana kind of area, beards, denim workshirts and hunters caps. I adore the song Blood Dries Darker, from 20101, which is still on my car mp3 player having survived many culls of songs I liked and then got fed up with. Their new album Sun City Eater In The River Of Light is a step onwards or to the side maybe. It’s shot through with sunny psychedelia and wah-wah pedals and on this song, Can’t See At All, dub reggae.

Woods ‘Blood Dries Darker’

Woods are a ‘psychedelic folk rock band’ from New York. Wait, come back, this is good. I know the words psychedelic and folk and rock don’t normally get the pulse racing, but this track has a real fuzzy, woozy charm. I don’t know much about them, but Weatherall played this on his 6 Mix show a couple of weeks ago, and it sounded great. I downloaded the album from e-music but havn’t got round to listening to it yet. This post is dribbling away from me isn’t it?
Bagging Area is looking forward to the England-USA game tonight, albeit gritted teeth and the fear that we’ll be awful. Not sure from the picture that Woods look like big soccerball fans, but you never know. Good luck to Drew, JC and North Country Bhoy playing Glasgow’s Flying Duck this evening at Blog Rocking Beats. I’m sure all my Scottish readers will get down there after they’ve cheered England on for 90 minutes. – online file sharing and storage – download Blood Dries Darker.mp3