I Can’t Stand Still Cos You Got Me Going

RIP Reg Presley

Spiritualized ‘Anyway That You Want Me’

Yesterday Plain Or Pan posted the video for Spiritualized’s second single, the lovely one chord drone of Run, and this morning Drew posted Feel So Sad, so I’m jumping right on this blog bandwagon with their debut 45, a cover of The Troggs’ Anyway That You Want Me, from 1990, which sets out Jason Pierce’s template from the outset. Tons of instruments, drones, stoned, builds, falls, very very hazy and very very nice. Not sure where it went in the end. Ladies And Gentlemen… was great and after that they’ve chased their tail a bit. I saw them on the Let It Come Down tour. The opening two songs were good and the encore was superb (two songs, fast, short and loud, one being the brilliant Come Together). In between they played the same song over and over, starting quiet and building as everyone joined in. It got a little dull. Early on though, as this and Run demonstrate, they produced a magnificent sound. Soak it up.

Anyway That You Want Me.mp3

The Troggs ‘I Can’t Control Myself’

Jump forward ten years from previous postee Sparkle Moore and here’s The Troggs with I Can’t Control Myself- great 60s garage rock, and Reg Presley is so het up he can barely keep his trousers done up. The sound of young lust- ‘Your slacks are low and your hips are showing…’

02 I Can’t Control Myself.wma