Upside Down

Sometimes you find a picture so great that it alone determines a post. This picture of Diana Ross is such a picture.

Upside Down was on her 1980 album Diana, a record itself with a memorable picture on the sleeve.

Upside Down (and the rest of the album) was written and produced by Chic, and became a number one single in various countries (number two in the UK). Chic were at the top of their game in 1980. Diana Ross was looking to freshen up her sound for the new decade. Predictably there were clashes between Edwards and Rodgers on one side and Ross on the other, in the studio and afterwards. Diana had the album remixed to make her voice more prominent and Chic nearly removed their name from the production credit in response at their work being tampered with. They relented- the album went on to sell ten million copies worldwide which must have softened the blow.

Upside Down

So Chic

Bagging Area doesn’t do much disco but here’s an exception and another song from freebie cd I plundered yesterday- this time some disco from Diana Ross with added Chic. Personally I could listen to an instrumental version of this that was just Nile Rodger’s guitar riff and the drums for six minutes but here you get la Ross and a load of disco on top of the chicca-chicca-chicca.

I’m Coming Out (Chic Mix)

How Soon Was Then?

I quite like this- Johnny Marr and his Healers playing How Soon Is Now at a gig (Ray Bans promo possibly),  October 2011. Some of the guitaring is first rate, as you might expect.

And playing some Chic with Nile Rodgers a month later (lower quality fan filming job I’m afraid but the riff survives).

Tres Chic

Reggae cover version of Chic’s I Want Your Love for Sunday anyone? Recorded at Sir Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One by Norma White and house band the Brentford Disco Set. The 12″ had a dub on the B-side.