The Adverts ‘One Chord Wonders’

From 1977 The Adverts’ debut single, One Chord Wonders, was a rush of energy and a celebration of lack of musical skill and ability coupled with the spark of punk that got them up on stage. ‘Come back when you’ve learnt to play’ TV Smith sings self-deprecatingly at the end of the first verse, and finishes the song with ‘We’re one chord wonders, we don’t give a damn’. They went on to release Gary Gilmore’s Eyes and the Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts album, both of which are great snapshots of 1977 punk, and despite their obvious limitations TV Smith could write songs and in bassist Gaye Smith English punk’s first female player. Like Paul Simonon she couldn’t play very well at the start, but looked great.

03 One Chord Wonders.wma