Into The Cosmos

If you’re at a loose end and want something to soundtrack ninety minutes of your life you could do worse than this mix from the Quiet Storm family, a blogmind compilation expertly sequenced by Mark. This one took suggestions of songs inspired by the cosmos, the moon and the stars. It opens with William Shatner, takes in a wide cast of stargazers including Prefab Sprout, Billy Preston, AR Kane, The Upsetters, David Sylvian, Chilly Gonzales, Billy Bragg, Declan O’Rourke, Stereolab, I Am Kloot, Mayer Hawthorne, Sandy Denny and Labelle and finishes with Rutger Hauer and the ‘tears in rain’ scene from Bladerunner. See if you can guess what I suggested.

And this didn’t occur to me at the time but it could have been a fine addition to the mix, Paul Weller dubbed out and spaced out by Brendan Lynch back in 1993.

Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats)


Sitar, Dub And Bass

As a follow on from Paul Weller’s Indian Vibes excursion that I posted the other day, I went back and listened to the whole e.p. Death In Vegas mainman Richard Fearless’ remix of Mathar is the stand out of the versions- some very cool electronic dub to wash over you.

Sitar, Drums And Bass

A track from 1998 which sounds surprisingly good today- Mathar by Indian Vibes, with some very catchy sitar playing, and general 90s clubbiness (y’know, Sunday Social, Chemical Brothers, that kind of thing). Indian Vibes was Paul Weller and chums with producer Brendan Lynch. The 12″ came with two remixes, one by Death In Vegas’ Richard Fearless who took it dubwards and another by Primal Scream who turned in something very noisy indeed. There’s much to enjoy in this extended version.

>To The Kosmos Men Dare

Back in 1993 when Paul Weller got his mojo and his audience back with Wildwood, it wasn’t all Traffic, bucolic jams and the view from the countryside. His producer Brendan Lynch knew that what Weller really needed was a dubbed out remix of Kosmos with tons of delay, loud screeching noises and spacey beep-beep-beeps by the dozen. Experimental and out-there, this is a million miles from The Eton Rifles, The Paris Match and Stanley Road.

Green Fred Perry polo shirt from model’s own signature collection, as ANCB cleared up last time I used this picture.