The Mighty Ming

As this is turning into a Sabres remix themed week some of you may cheer and some may quietly close the page and go browsing elsewhere but my compilation cd also threw up this track, a remix of Brothers Love Dubs, who were Alan Bremner, Dave Seaman and Steve Anderson. I can’t tell you anything else about them except the Dave Seaman isn’t the former ponytailed England and Arsenal goalkeeper but a relatively well known dj and editor of Mixmag. This remix is excellent.

The Mighty Ming (Sabres Of ParadiseRemix)

And this one is too.

The Mighty Ming (Sabres Of Paradise Slow Mix)

Would kids today sit and watch the 1930s version of Flash Gordon on their Saturday mornings? We did, constantly. Ming the Merciless was played by Charles Middleton, accompanied in the picture by Princess Aura (Shirley Deane).