Much Much Worse Where Clock Goes

This pair of chuggy, leftfield dancefloor monsters could have been posted on any given Monday in the Long Song slot, both being towards the ten minute mark. Both are from Duncan Gray with some sonic tweaking from Rich Lane in the mastering process. Both are getting frequent plays round here.

Much Much Worse is a stomper with  a massive hoover bass sound, a little clipped and funky guitar part and a flipped out synth topline that dances about all over the place, growing increasingly intense.

Where Clock Goes (long version) is a slow burning, dark disco number with wobbly bass, tsk tsk tsk hi-hats, and synth riffs that builds more and more and more, the whole thing then shifting several times during it’s nine minutes thirty seconds running time. This could be twice as long and it wouldn’t get boring.

A pound each at Bandcamp.

Monday’s Long Song

I followed a link to this over the weekend and am glad I did, eight sun dappled and blissed out minutes of glorious sound from Albania. Pines In The Sun are from Tirana, Zig Zag Sea is their debut release and it has been remixed by Duncan Gray who keeps it hazy and dubby and slightly psychey but also snaps it into focus with the guitar solo at about four minutes. That big bubbly keyboard bass riff is wonderful too. Is Adriatic Balearica a thing? It is now.

Erotica Nervosa

This came out in September and was widely missed and it’s a shame because it is an excellent piece of disco-tinged house. Duncan Gray provides the music, the clipped riff and the beats, the whooshing noises and the grimey bassline. Sarah Rebecca provides the vocals, about drive and ambition and sexual obsession, ending up chanting ‘I will be reborn in the fire’ over a dirty, descending guitar part.
It’s a Monday at the end of November. Christmas is too far away to look like any fun. Black Friday is a dispiriting now annual occurrence. We all could all do with some uplifitng, slinky, funky dance music in our lives couldn’t we?


Ooooh there’s a lovely sequencer line on this nine minute chugger from Duncan Gray. Hits the spot and no mistake. If you like that kind of thing.