Dubrobots got in touch and shared these two new songs with me, out soon on North Of Chepstow Records. None other than Don Letts played it on 6 Music, a fact which still has Dubrobots reeling. Don Letts obviously has exquisite taste because this is a wholly excellent track, dub influenced and sublime.

This remix by Wry And Slobby takes it even further and actually sounds like dub made by funky robots. The robots keep a human horn player as their underling. Occasionally they order him to play the horn, which drifts in and out in a Ghost Town sort of manner. The robotic bassline could make kitchen white goods join in the dance.

De Luxe

If I was going to make a compilation album by late 80s and early 90s indie bands singing songs about sex then this would be on it. It’s not something that has occurred to me before but just recently I heard Going Down by The Stone Roses followed by De Luxe by Lush and the thought popped into my head. De Luxe is rather great really, crashing drums, shimmering, psychedelic guitars and the lovely Miki’s vocals. Lush were a bit derided at the time, portrayed as bandwagon jumpers with friends in the press, ligging every night in Camden. They got a bit of flak for the photo shoot (above) too if I remember right- but some of the songs have stayed the course.

Let It Roll

Sometimes I find I just want something big, brassy and up front- musically I mean, I’m not after not a Coronation Street matriarch coming round to beat me with a rolling pin. The rolling bass, cowbell and drumbreak of Doug Lazy’s 1990 hit Let it Roll are instantly recognisable. Partly inspired by Mantronix this was quickly labelled hip house- and that’s exactly what it is. House music’s beat and groove with hip hops clothes and vocals. Doug Lazy was a Washington DC radio dj, got a break in a studio, sampled Marshall Jefferson, MARRS and Big Daddy Kane and went top 30 in the US and then all over Europe. This record was a big favourite in certain clubs up north and while the rapping might sound a little dated but it still has groove in spades.

Let It Roll


Michael is more than happy for me to share with you the Factory cassette given away with Select magazine in 1991. If your eyesight can’t make out the text from the inlay card above you’ve got songs by Northside, New Order, Cath Carroll, Happy Mondays, The Wendys, Revenge, Electronic and Vini Reilly. A mixed bag but definitely worth grabbing. All the songs can be found here as individual files. The tape was given a Factory catalogue number, a real honour. The Factory catalogue numbering system is worth a post of its own at some point I think.

You can also get Michael’s mp3s of the Creation Records compilation tape here (Sheer Taft, Love Corporation, Boo Radleys, Swervedriver, Slowdive, The Telescopes, Teenage Fanclub, Silverfish and Bill Drummond, almost all rare, out-of-print songs). If you click here you can find the Secret Tracks 2 compilation (Primal Scream, Ride, St Etienne, One Dove, Aphex Twin, Lush and Frank Black amongst others). All transferred from gloriously hissy cassette, Drew’s favourite format. Dive in.

Sherwood Forest

That Adrian Sherwood-LSK dub of Space Oddity I posted at the weekend got me back onto a Sherwood and On U Sound tip and going through my folders I found this from the Test Pressing website back in 2010, an hour long mix of dubbed out Sherwood delights. The original page is here, which also reveals the tracklist- African Head Charge, Dub Syndicate, Doctor Pablo (the Dr Who theme) and Creation Rebel. Sherwood’s output is so vast and varied that one nine-song mix can’t hope to do anything more than dip a toe into the waters. If you go here there’s a live dj stunning set done for The Boiler Room, with lashings of delay and reggae vibes, and a crowd who possibly didn’t know what they were in for.

Adrian Sherwood The Producers #1

Humber Revolution

Steve Cobby, Yorkshireman and formerly of Fila Brasilia, has put out some excellent music this year, much of which has been featured and praised over at Acid Ted. Steve has produced a soundtrack, worked on in association with the Hull Truck Theatre company, based around the revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1989. It contrasts the fight against totalitarian Communist regimes with the youth of Britain’s own revolution going on in fields near the M25 and abandoned warehouses in North West England and elsewhere. There’s also a connection made to the present day and the government’s policy of ideological austerity. The soundtrack is full of great tunes, imaginative and engaging, and definitely worth getting hold of. The limited edition cd is available from Steve’s Bandcamp.

Revolutions #1 is melodic, motorik krautrock…

Whereas Revolutions #2 and #3 are house music through and through…

Revolution #4 goes slow and low, some Fender Rhodes piano sounds, more attuned to the end of the night comedown…

No News From New York

Bagging Area synth favourite Timothy J. Fairplay is back with an e.p. out as the debut release for Glasgow’s Work For Love label. All four tracks are up to his usual high standard and fit together beautifully. Fairplay’s multiple releases this year will probably not feature in any of the upcoming serious magazine/website’s end of year lists and more’s the pity- there have been more ideas and tunes going on in his output from this year alone than most will come up in a decade.


At 7.37 am on this day in 1998 our eldest was born- Isaac. Whisked straight off to ICU he has since then put up with severe deafness, learning difficulties, two bone marrow transplants before the age of two, umpteen operations for skeletal problems, pneumonia, meningitis and more besides. That he is today seventeen is something of a minor miracle. The picture above shows him emerging from a shop in Amsterdam a few weeks back that took his fancy. Becoming the parent of a disabled child isn’t what you expect as a twenty-something and there’s no doubt that it has been a bumpy ride for us but he brings a massive amount to us as well and his determination to go on when others would give up is staggering. Isaac doesn’t really like music so I can’t post a request. The number 1 single when he was born was Believe by Cher but I’m not too fussed about that record. The seventeenth song in the downloads folder on my computer is this by 808 State. Not too bad a choice. Happy birthday Isaac.

Pacific State

This Is Mind Control

Dame David Bowie has a new single out, ten minutes long. I haven’t got around to it yet so cannot comment. But yesterday reader Paul Bob Horrocks pointed us to this, Adrian Sherwood’s On U Sound dub version of Space Oddity which will do very nicely indeed. Full of dub apocalypse imagery- ‘this is mind control to keep you dumb’, ‘Planet Earth is doomed’. Happy Sunday.

Rain Of Crystal Spires

Some Saturday morning indie to put a spring in your step on your way to the cornershop/barbers/wherever it is you might be going today. Put a coat mind- it’s cold out there. A proper coat too, not some flimsy anorak like an 80s indie kid. Felt were archetypal 1986 indie and could make moments of perfection like this one (and fellow 1986 release Ballad Of The Band, back of the sleeve pictured above).

Rain Of Crystal Spires