>Moan, Moan, Moan


Malcolm Middleton’s A Moaning Shite was the B-side to the Break My Heart single in 2005 and is my favourite Malcolm Middleton song- full of characteristic self-loathing, shot through with black humour and with an explosive finale. I played this to someone once who nearly leapt out of the chair just before the end. You have to listen to this all the way through to fully appreciate it.

A Moaning Shite.mp3

I’ll Sell My Guitar And Never Look Back

Arab Strap guitarist Malcolm Middleton released a solo album in 2005 called IntoThe Woods. This song Break My Heart was the opening track and a single. Set to soaring, uplifting, guitars and strings backing it contains some of the most jaundiced and bleakly honest lyrics I’ve heard.

‘You’re gonna break my heart and I know it
But if you don’t
You’re gonna break my unhappiness and destroy my career
I’d rather feel full than sing these shit songs
I’ll sell my guitar and never look back’

Later Malcolm ratchets up the long, dark night of the soul with

‘If I don’t have you I’m condemend to sing shit songs
I’ll fuck my guitar and drink myself to death
I don’t want to sing these shit songs anymore’

Sung in his strong Scottish accent against such a great song musically, totally believable and totally honest, caught in the bind between his art, his view of his art, and his personal life.

01 Break My Heart.wma