We’ve Got To Get The Reins In Our Hands Ourselves

This fine slice of pop and politics came up in an internet discussion the other day- The Redskins searing indictment of Tory policies, workers/boss relations and the dole, over a Motown beat, horns and clipped Telecaster. In this clip, live on The Tube, a striking miner is invited to speak over the intro and Channel 4 producers cut the mic. Meanwhile the audience dance in their DMs and bomber jackets. Different times, yet somehow still the same. The 12″ version has an extra five inches of agit-prop funkiness. Keep on keeping on!

Keep On Keeping On (12″ version)


Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to vote today.

I’m sure none of you would consider voting for Ukip and I’m sorry if I’m preaching to the converted here but… there are some people who think that a vote for Ukip is just a protest vote, merely a rejection of the big parties and their grey-suited, all-the-same policies and their featureless leaders. That somehow they are sending a message that ‘the people’ need to be listened to and here’s an ‘outsider’ who can shake things up a bit. And he seems like a decent chap, likes a pint and a smoke, speaks common sense, says what people are actually thinking.

But… a vote for Ukip is not just a protest vote. It is a vote for small mindedness, for a petty Little Englander outlook, for people who think they can turn the clock back to some imaginary 1950s idyll of whiteness and conformity and tidy front gardens, it is a vote for intolerance, for distrust and for bigotry, for conservatism, for backwardness.

Don’t forget to vote today.

Go Get Organised

Keeping It Peel Day Slight Return

A second Peel Session song. It’s half term and I’ve got the time. Early 80s left wing skinheads The Redskins, with Young And Proud from a 1982 session. Get your red docs on and bounce.

>Redskin Rock

Furthermore, here’s The Redskins, funked up leftwing punks, who wanted to ‘walk like The Clash, talk like The Supremes’ with their single Unionize. This was released on their own label CNT, which as everyone surely knows is the name of the anarcho syndicalist union who helped prop up The Popular Front government in Spain in the 1930s (despite being anarcho syndicalists, and therefore being against government and believing that the workers should rule themselves for their own benefit) and who armed the workers in the defence of Spanish cities against Franco’s military fascist coup.

Sorry to be a history bore. The music’s worth it.

The Redskins ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’

After yesterday’s Clash inspired Rancid roots-radicals-rock (which hasn’t exactly sent Mediafire’s servers into meltdown admittedly), here’s some 80s political soul punk, The Redskins Keep On Keepin’ On. Marxism you can dance to. Remember, Neither Washington Nor Moscow But International Socialism!
How quaint and dated those types of phrases sound now. Nothing quaint or dated about the music though.