Rays Of The Rising Sun

Denise Johnson, whose vocals have graced records by Primal Scream, Electronic and A Certain Ratio, had a stab at a solo career in the early 90s with this lengthy 12″ single. Sunday morning sounds, classy but it never quite catches fire. It also features the understated guitar work of Mr. Johnny Marr. She used to live round the corner from us y’know.

Rays Of the Rising Sun (12″ Extended Mix)

Indeed I Do

Other people have already paid tribute to Frank Wilson who died yesterday. But it would be remiss of me not to remember the man who made a record as brilliant, as up lifting and as life affirming as this. No download- in the spirit of the most rare and expensive vinyl 7″ single ever, you should go and find this yourself (it’s on practically every cheap Northern Soul compilation anyway).

Country And North-Western

Tim Burgess, Charlatans frontman and ‘nicest man in rock ‘n’ roll’, has a solo album out called Oh No I Love You. It was written in collaboration with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner and is an unexpectedly pleasant, country soul surprise and much better than it should be. I don’t make these claims lightly- it actually is rather good. It’s recommended by Paul Weller as well- stamp of quality or kiss of death depending on your point of view I suppose. You can stream the whole thing here. After doing that (or more likely before) you can go here and get a Time And Space Machine remix of the song White for free (in exchange for your email address, which means you’ll get emails from Tim or his team from now until the end of time/until you unsubscribe). The Time And Space Machine remix is good also- discofied, bouncy bass and horns and sweetly sung. Worth the email address exchange really.

Let’s just not mention the hair eh?

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 75

If this rocking  instrumental song from The Rhythm Rockets in 1959 doesn’t get you dancing, nothing will. I shall be shimmying near the girl in the polka dot skirt.

The Slide

Trip Trip Away

I heard this the other, day pop-dance from 1990 (re-released in 1991). It sounded really good. Not that we’ve had any sunshine. Plenty of rainy days. I posted this song at the somewhat irregular This Blog Continues To Decline blog, unfairly as it is a good tune.

Sunshine On A Rainy Day (Extended 12″ Mix)

For added joy here’s Zoe on Top Of The Pops. That dancing wouldn’t pass muster on a reality pop show now (and all the better for it).


S.C.U.M.’s album closer Whitechapel is a blast of goth-synth goodness; the combination of bass and keys does something to my central nervous system and the hairs on the back of my neck. I had an mp3 of them doing it on Marc Radcliffe’s Radio 6 show but can’t find it, and it’s possibly even better than the album version. Maybe it didn’t survive the last hard-drive decluttering. In which case I made a mistake deleting it. This is the version from Alone Into Eyes from last year.


Reboot The Mission

I like Mick Jones. He seems like a decent bloke (Drew’s rant about BA’s use of London Calling and presumably Mick’s approval notwithstanding). He loves to play live, he’s accepted he didn’t always behave well while in The Clash and knows he had to grow up, he moved on to another groundbreaking band (BAD), he dances like your uncle at a wedding. He put the Justice Tonight band together. He’s a good guy. He’s on our side.

Mick Jones has joined up Jakob Dylan’s band The Wallflowers for the new single off their forthcoming album. The song, Reboot the Mission, sounds like an offcut from Sandinista or Combat Rock that could segue into ‘Ring, ring, 7 am’ at any moment, albeit with Bob Dylan’s son on vocals. It’s alright. I suspect the rest of the album will be in the American alt-rock vein- a bit Tom Petty, a bit Bruce, a bit The Hold Steady, a bit y’know the kind of thing.

From Big Audio Dynamite’s Tighten Up Vol ’88, a reggae influenced tale of rockers, dreads and tribes.

The Battle Of All Saints Road

Fearless Toy

Toy have made an autumnal dash for the end of year lists with their highly enjoyable self-titled debut album, heavy on psychedelic guitars and motorik drumming and a dash of Mary Chain menace. In this remix Richard Fearless sets the controls for the heart of West Germany circa 1972, with some lovely Neu! style parts. Ist gut.

Left Myself Behind (Trans Love Energies Version)

What Augustus John would make of Toy or Fearless I don’t know. I’ve just read a book about him. John was a bohemian portrait painter who rejected Edwardian England’s formality, spending a year roaming England in a Romany caravan with his wife and mistress, who grew his hair and beard long, wearing a kerchief instead of a tie, and allowed his many children freedoms other children at the time didn’t get, so it’s nice to think so. I suspect even our most liberal Victorian and Edwardian forebears would struggle with some of the repetitive noises we listen to today but who knows. Wasn’t Stravinsky pretty far out sonically?

Dangerous Groove That Does Not Redeem The Plunge

…is the Google translation from Japanese into English from the record label- Beatink- that is plugging Andrew Weatherall’s forthcoming album. Other translation gems; Rudy techno Banchou eternal, new electronics unit progression, rudy techno continue to rock the floor forever.

As well as drinking tea at festivals Andrew Weatherall and current musical partner Timothy J Fairplay (The Asphodells) have completed their first album and are releasing it in Japan on the 3rd of November.  It’s called Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust. Here’s hoping we get a similar release date. The lucky Japanese market gets two bonus tracks. Read all about it and get more amusing translations here, as well as a listen only sneak at the song A Love From Outer Space (Version 2), The Asphodells cover of an AR Kane song, who by happy coincidence have a compilation out soon also. This is from an AR Kane remix e.p.

Crack Up (Space Mix)

Not Even The Priestess

I asked on Twitter on Saturday night if anyone had heard the new Calexico album (Algiers) and Simon said he wouldn’t listen to them because of their name and Drew said he’d never heard them either and was he missing anything. Their early stuff like The Black Light was great, all slow-mo spaghetti and mariachi influenced stuff, a lot of instrumentals. A couple of albums in they became more song based, with more vocals- Hot Rail from 2000 and Feast Of Wire from 2003 were crackers, full of songs with beauty and drama and horns. At some point more recently (the Garden Ruin lp from 2006, which isn’t that recent really) they abandoned the more Tex-Mexican side of things for a straighter, more mainstream US indie-noir sound which seemed far less interesting to me. So, I’m no nearer to knowing whether the new one is any good but to Drew and Simon and anyone else who hasn’t heard them, start with this one- a song concerning a man about to drive his car over a cliff while listening to Stevie Nicks.

Not Even Stevie Nicks