Interlude was a Morrissey and Siouxsie Sioux two-for-the-price-of-one special, released in 1994, and a cover of a 1968 Timi Yuro song. They’ve both got distinctive voices that work well together and complement each other nicely, Siouxsie rich and deep, Morrissey wobbling and higher, but somehow, somewhere along the way, it doesn’t quite catch fire. In his autobiography Morrissey gives Siouxsie a proper slagging off. But then, he gives almost everyone who appears in the book a proper slagging off so it’s difficult to know how much to read into it. I’ve a vague recollection that Siouxsie was uncomplimentary about the whole experience in an interview as well. Morrissey’s guitarist and producer of this single Boz Boorer said Siouxsie was ‘a complete joy’ to work with and according to a well known online encyclopedia the falling out happened after the recording when Morrissey and Siouxsie disagreed about the content of the video- a video which was never shot. One of Morrissey’s most recent Best Of compilations has a version of this with only him singing it- a slight at Siouxsie if ever there was one. Despite all of this playground drama, bitchiness and a bit of an air of let down, I quite like the song, every once in a while.

Interlude (Extended version)

It Turns Out I Have A Thing For Girls With Red Dyed Hair

Yes, I do.

I got in from work last night with no firm idea what today’s post was going to be. A few half formed ideas were at the back of mind but nothing concrete. I had a dental appointment (broken tooth, upper back left) and after that I met Mrs Swiss in Sale to buy a couple of things from Argos- she is redecorating both the kid’s bedrooms and they are swapping rooms. There is stuff from both rooms all over the house. I wanted to be ready to watch the England game at 8 (which we lost. Obviously- same old England, just disappointing us in a different location). We had tea and then I opened my emails and this song appeared, as if sent by the blogging Gods.

Boz Boorer and Eddie Argos (ex-Art Brut) have collaborated to make this summer single, Girl From Atlanta. A really nagging guitar riff, high tempo, some ace backing vox and Eddie’s deadly/not-at-all serious vocal tribute to the girls from his favourite city. The lyrics are a hoot, comic and tragic. One listen in and I was hooked. I could see it possibly becoming annoying quite quickly but right now it’s great.

I’ll see if I can summon up some rockabilly for later. No promises at the moment mind.

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 149

Another punk/rockabilly cover version for you, thanks to reader David. The Polecats have been rocking out of North London since 1977 and according to a well known online encyclopedia were still touring Europe, Japan and the US in 2012. Their line up included Boz Boorer, long time one of Morrissey’s bequiffed lieutenants. Here they tear into Buzzcocks.

What Do I Get?