Isolation Mix Two

A second Bagging Area mix for lockdown, an hour of tunes starting out ambient, taking a turn toward the Balearics and some fizzing electronics before the jetstream sends it back into more ambient, melancholic lands with waves and seagulls. Having the time and space to think about putting these together is one of the upsides of social distancing and isolation.

Private Mountain: Coming Back Home v Eric Cantona ‘When the seagulls follow the trawler…

Nils Frahm: Over There, It’s Raining

Steven Leggett: Bathhouse

Seahawks: Rainbow Sun

Peaking Lights: Beautiful Dub

Circle Sky: Ghost In The Machine

The Neil Cowley Trio: Echo Nebula (Vessels Remix)

Fila Brazillia: Midnight Friends

Mark Peters: Jacob’s Ladder (Ambient Innerlands Version)

Jan van den Broeke: Memories

A Man Called Adam: Easter Song (Gospel Oak FX)

Bjorn Torske: First Movement

Love Hertz

Out yesterday, the latest from Circle Sky (Richard Norris and Martin Dubka). The two singles they released last year- If I Let Go and Ghost In The Machine- were among my favourites of 2018. This new one looks set to join them and an album is due this year too. Love Hertz is hypnotic, waves of gentle, pitch bending synths, a pulsebeat and synthetic, mildly euphoric vocals from Iris.

Reading My Mind

Jeez- the previous Circle Sky single (If I Let Go) was a good one, a real 2018 highlight, but they’ve now given us this one as a follow up. A sublime piece of subtle, emotive, electronic music that reveals a little more each time you click play.

Feels Like Falling

The first days after the clocks go back always remind me how much I loathe travelling home from work in the dark- and this is just the start of it, there’s another six months to go. Grim. So I’ll take some snatches and glimpses of light where I can find it. I wrote recently about the new single from Circle Sky (a Richard Norris project), a beautiful low key ambient techno song I eloquently described as ‘rather fucking gorgeous’.

The 12″ is out imminently with two remixes, one from Ulrich Schnauss who strips it back and finds some little repeating melodies which he sets off against some washes of sound. Eventually a lazy drumbeat joins in. Half way through the vocal comes in, smothered in echo, and everything speeds up a little. Then it slows down and fades. Lovely.

The 12″ also has this more insistent remix from Michael Mayer, a more austere techno reworking but the softness of the original track remains.

If I Let Go

Too insistent to be ambient (and the bpm count’s too high) but pretty dreamy all the same- this is brand new from Circle Sky (a Richard Norris analogue modular synth project). This is low key and rather fucking gorgeous. That’s my review.


Drew and I agreed on Twitter the other night that Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve’s own re-animation of their recent single Diagram Girl is a thing of beauty, one of those records that sounds like summer should. Six and a half minutes of wobbly bass, washes of synth, blissed out vox and hazy modern dance-oriented psychedelia. Just wonderful stuff from Richard Norris and Erol Alkan with an album to follow.

If you like that you should go find Richard Norris’ other current project, Circle Sky (a duo with Martin Dubka), and a 12″ called Reveal/Interstellar, two massive sounding cuts recorded live using the Moog System 55 modular- analogue acid house achieving lift off for 2016. Annoyingly there don’t seem to be any full length listens anywhere but these two preview clips give you enough to be going on with.